A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 115

“Well, Ye Fan?” Qiu Muying was a little surprised. She really didn’t expect Ye Fan to find this place.
“Damn, it’s you!”
“It’s really lingering.” Han Feifei said coldly with eyes full of disgust.
“Huh? Do you know each other?” Wang Hao was taken aback at this moment and asked immediately.
“I don’t know, a terrapin, where is it worth letting us know?” Han Feifei disdainfully said.
Qiu Mucheng was slightly sullen and looked at Han Feifei: “Feifei, how do you say it? It’s not big or small.”
Ignoring the words of others, Ye Fan went directly to Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, don’t say anything to me when I eat, so I can find it for a while.”
“Hmph, you still know to find me. This lady doesn’t need you to find it.” Qiu Mucheng was obviously still angry with Ye Fan, turned her back to Ye Fan, angrily said, her words were full of resentment.
When she thought of what happened just now, Qiu Mucheng was so angry that her liver aches.
Ye Fan, this incomprehensible wood, was so touched by her just now, and finally Qiu Mucheng dared to know that this bastard was only paying attention to the shit in his eyes.
It’s really a horrible scene, and no one is angry. Remember to read in one second
“Have you heard? My sister won’t wait to see you, where do you have the face to stay here anymore, don’t you leave?” Han Feifei scolded coldly.
Ye Fan was not angry either. He knew that it was Qiu Mucheng who was still angry about what happened just now. Instead, he shook his head and smiled helplessly. He found a seat and sat down against Qiu Mucheng.
Ye Fan naturally wouldn’t leave, his wife is here, he has to watch, what if he is bullied by some unruly people.
“I’m going, you have such a thick skin.”
“So you are not leaving?”
“Besides, what right do you have to sit here, and they didn’t invite you to dinner?”
Han Feifei was almost mad, she didn’t expect that Ye Fan would stare at this with a sullen face, and there were such brazen people in the world.
Qiu Mucheng rubbed Han Feifei with her hands, and motioned to Han Feifei to say a few words. ,
Ye Fan is her husband after all, and she can be fierce and complain, but Qiu Mucheng feels a little uncomfortable when others scold him.
“Sister Qiu, how do you speak for him?”
“You won’t really be captured by this poor force just because of a ring?”
“He’s just a poor man, and he doesn’t know what kind of shit luck he’s gone to get acquainted with the powerful and powerful like Young Master Shen. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is a dick.”
Han Feifei said disdainfully, to Ye Fan, perhaps because of the first impression, Han Feifei was disgusted in her heart.
Seeing now, Wang Hao finally saw a bit of the way, and then smiled: “Brother Hao, it seems that you still have competitors. But your opponent is a bit unbearable.”
Wang Hao laughed, and then looked at Ye Fan: “Brother, can we be a little self-aware? I made this dinner for Brother Hao today. I didn’t invite you, so please give up your seat.”
While talking, Wang Hao made a request to Ye Fan and signaled Ye Fan to leave.
Ye Fan glanced at Wang Hao coldly, didn’t say anything, chuckled, and got up and left: “Mucheng, I’ll be waiting for you by the side.”
While speaking, Ye Fan also left his seat and reached an empty table next to him.
“Fuck, shameless, right?”
“I will let you get out of this room!”
“A soft-shelled turtle, don’t be an eyesore here.”
Wang Hao was also a person with a hot temper. Seeing that Ye Fan didn’t know how to promote him, he got up so angry that he was going to beat him.

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