A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1228

The more Su Lao Taijun looked at it, the more joyous it became. The irritation that Ye Fan had caused before disappeared at this time.
When he said this, Mrs. Su also gave Su Qian a meaningful look.
Obviously, Mrs. Su, the last sentence was obviously for Susie.
In order to bring together Susie and Ma Mingbo.
Susie pretended not to understand, but just smiled perfunctorily.
As for Su Yuanshan, he also turned a deaf ear to nothing.
Although I have a slight opinion on this matter in my heart, after all, Mrs. Su is currently in the mood, and there is no need to say something she doesn’t like to listen to, to sweep the old lady’s interest.
“No, grandma, my current grades are far from enough!”
At this time, Ma Mingbo himself suddenly shook his head and said.
He turned his head and looked up at the top of Yunding Mountain ahead.
“The so-called “looking at the clouds” means looking up at the top of the cloud.”
“Even if I sit on the best location in Wangyun Mountain Villa, it is still far from enough compared to the one on Yunding Mountain.”
“That one is the real Yunzhou emperor!”
“His woman is worthy of being called the queen of Yunzhou, right?”
Under the moonlit night, Ma Mingbo spoke quietly, looking up to the front
There, Yunding Mountain stands high, and the majestic villa above it is like a king, standing on the top of the cloud, overlooking the entire Yunzhou!
Ma Mingbo is proud of himself, but in front of the owner of Yunding Mountain, he can’t give birth to the slightest arrogance.
Some are just endless respect and respect.
Although he has never seen that person’s true face.
However, his fame has long since been thunderous.
The Jiangdong of Nuo Da has already surrendered to his feet, let alone his Ma Mingbo?
Old lady Su naturally knew who Ma Mingbo was talking about.
However, she smiled with satisfaction: “It’s arrogant and not arrogant, ambitious and self-aware, very good! Mingbo, your child, your future achievements will be higher than your father.”
“Mingbo, in fact, you don’t have to be discouraged.”
“As far as you are concerned, the current Mr. Chu is of course superior.”
“But you also have an advantage, and that is young.”
“You have time to work hard.”
“In the future, when you reach Mr. Chu’s age, you may be the one who lives on the top of Yunding Mountain.”
Mrs. Su was full of expectations and said with satisfaction.
It seemed that Mr. Su obviously regarded Mr. Chu as a middle-aged man who was not young.
In fact, think about it, no matter Li Er or Chen Ao, in short, almost all the big figures of Megatron Jiangdong are middle-aged people in their 40s or 50s.
After all, at this age, fame, fortune and power are often at the peak of a person.
“Well, Mingbo will definitely work hard to live up to grandma’s high expectations!” Ma Mingbo said firmly.
“Cici, take a look, take a look at Mingbo, not only talented, but also ambitious.”
“Isn’t he a million times better than that poor boy in the country?”
“That Ye Fan, from a poor background, lacking the ability and family background, is also arrogant, saying that the Ma family can’t see it, and that Jiang Dong was stepped under his feet by him, it’s just an idiot.”
“This kind of countryman will not be able to support the wall with mud in the future.” Old Lady Su said coldly, lifting one by one and stepping on one.
However, at this moment, a vehicle suddenly came in front.
“I go!”
“Maybach S680, is this a top luxury car?”
“Big Brother Mingbo’s car is several grades better.”
“There are not many cars in Yunzhou, right?”
“Which big man is here again?”
The appearance of this Maybach caused the Su family to explode in an instant, amid an uproar and curiosity.

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