A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1233

Words of respect and respect, just like waves, converge into a stream, impacting the entire world.
Seeing Jin Bao and others standing on both sides in awe, just as if thunder fell, everyone in the Su family was dumbfounded.
“Wait… how long?” Ma Mingbo’s eyes twitched.
“Please… invite him up the mountain?” Old lady Su almost jumped out of her eyes.
As for Susie, her expression trembled even more, and she almost set off a huge wave in her heart, and exclaimed, “This… how can this happen?”
Dead still.
A dead silence.
Under Genting Mountain, there was no sound for a while.
Only the bitter cold wind swept across, causing the cloud and mist lake water to ripple.
Amidst the trembling and stunned eyes, Su Lao Taijun and others saw the iron gate separating Yunding Mountain Villa and Wangyun Villa, slowly opening.
Then, Ye Fan got into the car, and the Maybach S680 carried him and died toward the villa in Yunding Mountain.
Before Ye Fan got into the car, he suddenly stopped.
With her back to Susie, her back to Ma Mingbo, and her back to everyone in the Su family, the faint words were like the night breeze swept across.
“I said, you don’t understand me at all.”
“Naturally don’t know, what can I do?”
The engine roared, and the black luxury car galloped away in the night wind.
Until the orange taillights had disappeared from everyone’s sight, Su Lao Taijun and the others had not recovered from the tremor just now.
I don’t know how long it took before the air-conditioning sounds continued to be heard.
“Really…really up there?”
“A poor boy in the country, just like this was greeted by people at the Yunding Mountain Villa?”
“Getting to the highest point of Yunzhou?”
“my God!”
“This world is crazy.”
Everyone in the Su family was unthinkable, and until now, they almost couldn’t accept the reality in front of them.
In the end, everyone in the Su family who had ridiculed Ye Fan just now looked at Susie with trepidation: “Xian… Qian, are you sure your boyfriend is really… a countryman?”
“Why should he be Mr. Chu?”
“Really, our Su family provokes Mr. Chu, that is not far from death.”
“How to do?”
“What should I do?”
Many people in the Su family were crying and talking in panic.
“He is a hillbilly surnamed Ye, who is a fart Mr. Chu!”
“I think he could only get in because he was lucky.”
At this time, Ma Mingbo shouted angrily.
After speaking, Ma Mingbo walked down the steps to walk towards the iron gate.
He didn’t believe it. Where Ye Fan could enter, he could not enter Ma Mingbo.
At this time, the staff in Yundingshan Villa was still locking the iron door, and Ma Mingbo suddenly stepped forward and swaggered in like Ye Fan.
“Who are you?”
“The heavy land of Yunding Mountain, without permission, no one can approach it!”
“Not going back?” The security guard’s cold voice came from the front.
Ma Mingbo’s eyebrows sank, and he immediately revealed his identity: “I am the eldest son of Ma Long, the owner of the Nanquan Ma family, Ma Mingbo, who is going to visit Mr. Chu at the Yundingshan Villa. If you know him, let me get away!”
“Nanquan Horse House?”
The security guard at the door was stunned.
After thinking about it for a long time, I didn’t think of what the Ma family was.
Then he asked the colleague on the side: “Nanquan Ma’s family, have you heard of it?”
The colleague also shook his head: “No.”
“Then what a fart?”
“Get out!”
“The land of Yunding Mountain only recognizes the Chu family, not the Ma family!” The security guard drove the people immediately.
Ma Mingbo was immediately annoyed: “You bastards, do you dare to scold me? Do you know…”
“Haha? Acting at us, today I not only dare to scold you, but also dare to kick you!”
“What, dare you?”

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