A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1299

“Also, Nan Nan is my sister.”
“You pursue her, I won’t say anything.”
“But, if you do anything out of the ordinary, or force Nan Nan, I, Chu Tianfan, will not forgive you first!”
After Ye Fan’s words fell, Li Er and others all looked at the beautiful and beautiful woman who had been with Ye Fan, and cast their enviable eyes.
It is possible for Mr. Chu to speak for protection in person, which shows how much Chen Nan holds in Mr. Chu’s heart.
Chen Ao is the father and Ye Fan is the brother. In this Jiangdong land, Chen Nan will undoubtedly become a princess.
In the future, I am afraid that there will be no one, dare to provoke her.
“She is really a lucky little girl to be favored by Mr. Chu.”
Lei Laosan, Li Er and others were full of envy.
Relying on the relationship between his daughter and Mr. Chu, Chen Ao’s position in Jiangdong is undoubtedly more stable.
Looking at other people’s children, and then at his own, Li Er gritted his teeth with anger.
He originally planned to let his son and Mr. Chu have a relationship, so that his position of Li Er in Jiangdong will undoubtedly be more stable.
But now it seems that his asshole son is hopeless.
“However, Xueqi can try.”
Li Er looked at Chen Nan sitting next to Ye Fan, but he thought to himself.
Her sister’s appearance is no worse than Chen Nan, and compared with Chen Nan, her sister Li Xueqi is a bit more mature and charming.
If Xueqi was being asked to take the initiative, Li Er would not believe him and couldn’t win Mr. Chu?
However, how did Li Er know that with Qiu Mucheng’s wife Ye Fan, how could he easily fall in love with her?
once having seen the best, the rest is not worthwhile looking.
After seeing the vast expanse of the sea, how could that spring water make Ye Fan stop?
In the city of Yanjing, Xu Lei showed his heart to Ye Fan, but Ye Fan evaded it, let alone Li Xueqi?
As for Chen Nan, because he is about the same age as one of his own cousins, his personality is also similar. Seeing her, Ye Fan would unconsciously think of the only sister in the Chu family who really treated herself as the eldest brother, so she took special care of Chen Nan.
As for other things, Ye Fan never thought about it.
“Mr. Chen, congratulations.”
“Ling Qianjin has Mr. Chu as a brother, even if you are a hundred years later, I am not afraid that your daughter will be left unattended.”
At this time, Lei Lao San and others expressed their congratulations to Chen Ao.
Chen Ao also smiled proudly.
However, when the house was full of joy, no one noticed. Chen Nan on the side heard Ye Fan’s words, her beautiful eyes, like water, were completely lost.
After apologizing, Li Er and others also left.
Chen Nan followed Chen Ao and returned to Jianghai.
Before leaving, Chen Nan still smiled lively and said goodbye to Ye Fan. At the same time, persuaded Ye Fan: “Brother Xiao Fan, women want to coax me.”
“Between husband and wife, it’s normal to bump into each other.”
“Moreover, Sister Qiu is also doing well for you.”
“So, after I leave, remember to go back and see Sister Qiu.”
Seeing Chen Nan’s playful look, Ye Fan nodded and smiled: “Well, I see.”
“Hurry up, your father called you.”
“be careful on the road.”
Ye Fan beckoned and sent away Chen Nan and others.
As everyone left, the Haitian feast finally came to an end.
However, the banquet is over, but the aftermath of the Haitian feast is far from over.

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