A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 134

“Be careful, don’t mess up, there are big people inside, and you can pinch you to death with just a finger.”
Chen Nan obviously really used Ye Fan as a coolie, and the work of serving tea and water made Ye Fan do it.
Ye Fan didn’t refuse, and while holding the teapot, he gently pushed the door in. At the same time, he put the things he bought for Qiu Mucheng on the storage table next to the door.
In the private room, the lights were all off, and no one noticed Ye Fan’s arrival. At this time, Chen Ao and others were all looking at the screen in front of them, where there was a video.
It seems to be a surveillance video, not very clear, but in that blur, a figure in black can be seen standing in the dark. Around him, he was surrounded by dozens of big men.
“Wu Herong, is it you?”
“Ten years, I didn’t expect that you are not dead!”
“However, it’s over here~”
“I am Niu Chaoyang, today I will save Jiangdong from you this disaster~”
On the screen, a group of black men rushed up. First URL m.
However, the black-clothed man who had been standing still in the crowd suddenly came out.
After a while of chaos, everyone had fallen down, but the black man still stood there, like a spear.
In the end, there were gunshots in the screen, but nothing changed from 5af33d8f. Everyone died. Niu Chaoyang, the master of the Niu family, fell to the ground with a crash, red blood flowing down his throat like a spring.
“That punch just now?” No one noticed. In the room, when he heard the explosion of the punch, there was one person who frowned slightly.
At the end of the screen, Chen Ao immediately asked Chen Nan to turn on the light in the room.
“Mr. Huo, this is some of the audiovisual materials we have about Wu Herong.”
“By the way, we also found a fist mark left by Wu Herong at the scene. I will come here like a man and let the husband see it.”
Chen Ao waved his hand, and his men moved downstairs.
At this time, there was no sound in the room, and the video footage of the destruction of the Niu’s house was played on the screen in a loop. Many people’s expressions are panic and heavy.
Chen Ao’s expression was also solemn, and Li Er next to him was even more so scared that his legs trembled.
Because no one knows whether the final outcome will be the same for those present.
“Hey, are you an idiot?”
“Why are you standing there?”
“Hurry up and pour tea!”
“Pour it to Mr. Huo first~”
While everyone was worried, Chen Nan poked Ye Fan from behind, staring at him with beautiful eyes. I was speechless for a while, cursing Ye Fan for being like a fool.
You are here to pour tea, not just standing in a daze!
Ye Fan nodded, and went over to pour tea for everyone.
At this time, everyone’s attention was on the video, and no one paid attention to a small person serving tea and water.
And Ye Fan was obviously not thinking about pouring tea either, his mind was full of the shadow of the black man just now.
Why is this fist so familiar?
Ye Fan frowned.
“Do you want to scald me to death”
“are you an idiot?”
“How did you pour the tea?”
When Ye Fan lost his mind, he didn’t realize that the teacup was full, and the overflowing water flowed down, all splashing on Li Er.
The hot Lao Er jumped up, furiously, cursing at the pouring waiter in front of him.
“I’m so fucked up!”
“Are you blind?”
“Not long eyes?”
“Will it be full?”
“Your wife is fucked up!”
Li’s second child was so angry that he was so angry that he almost used the waiter.
“This waste~” Chen Nan immediately stroked his forehead when he saw this, thinking it was broken.
Secretly scolding Ye Fan, this inadequate trash, really got into trouble.
Chen Nan hurried over to mediate: “Li Erye, are you okay, my fault, my fault, the employment is unknown, isn’t it serious?”
“You bastard, depending on your good deeds, don’t hesitate to apologize to the second master!” Chen Nan turned his head and shouted at Ye Fan.
Ye Fan slowly put down the teapot, and suddenly raised his face. His delicate face was already cold. He looked at Li Er and said coldly, “Which wife is your wife?”
The words were sharp, with endless chills.

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Your novel is full of bullshit can you make your shit a little bit realistic? Things that can’t happen for real I’m really pissed off

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