A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 135

Like a thunderbolt, when Ye Fan looked over, Lao Er Li was dumbfounded, his old eyes staring wide.
The whole person was almost silly.
He opened his mouth, trembling all over, yelling “Chu~Chu” all the time, but the rest of the gentleman couldn’t say the word.
The whole person stammered.
It wasn’t until a long time later that Older Li eased off, crying with an old face, and begging to Ye Fan in a tone almost begging for mercy: “Mr. Chu, I really don’t know that Li Er really is you?”
“I want to know it’s you, I wouldn’t dare to insult you even if I was killed?”
“So, is it me to blame?”
Ye Fan asked back, making Li Er’s body shiver fiercely, and Li Er’s old face became paler.
“It’s all on me, all on my stinky mouth!~” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“It’s my second son, Li, who has no eyes and didn’t recognize Mr. Chu~”
Li’s second child was almost crying, and he couldn’t help but twitch his mouth.
The people all around were dumbfounded.
How can Li Lao Er be one of Jiangdong’s powerful men, the leader of Yunzhou City, now that Li Lao Er is so respectful to a waiter, will everyone not be surprised?
“Mr. Chu?”
Chen Ao’s old face also twitched, and the whole person was so frightened that he immediately stood up in position, and his old face immediately went cold.
And Chen Nan on the side obviously didn’t notice the strangeness of his father, but looked at Li Er with a puzzled face.
“Second Lord, what’s wrong with you?”
“Why are you so scared?”
“What kind of status are you, why do you have to apologize to a humble waiter?”
“Besides, he was wrong in this matter first, so he should apologize to you!”
Chen Nan was full of surprise, and then stared at Ye Fan again: “What are you doing in a daze? Why don’t you apologize to the second master!”
“What’s your identity, what kind of identity is the second master, do you dare to talk back to the second master?”
“Don’t want to survive?”
Chen Nan sternly scolded Ye Fan.
Li’s second urinated.
“I’ll go to your Nima!”
“Where is this idiot, do you want to kill my second wife Li?”
Lao Er Li cursed at Chen Nan with a dark face, and was so angry that he couldn’t wait to kick the talkative woman to death.
“Nan Nan, shut up!”
“Don’t be rude!”
Chen Ao also shuddered in fright, with panic and worry, and then walked over in three steps and two steps, and scolded Chen Nan sternly.
“You rebellious woman, anyone dare to insult?”
“I taught you how to behave in the world, can’t you learn from dogs?”
Chen Ao froze and roared angrily, Chen Nan was shocked.
A pretty face was as pale as paper, and tears filled his beautiful eyes almost instantly.
It was the first time Chen Ao yelled at her like this in so many years.
Chen Nan was spoiled and spoiled. As the daughter of Chen Ao, who would dare to offend her on weekdays, plus she was not very old at 52e2560a, had no setbacks, and had a thin face.
Now that his father was angry with so many people, tears naturally flowed out uncontrollably.
“Dad, me… what happened to me?”
“Why do you mean me?” Chen Nan asked in a choked voice, full of grievance.
However, Chen Ao ignored her at all, pushed Chen Nan away, and quickly walked to Ye Fan to apologize.
“Mr. Chu, the little girl is eyeless, young and ignorant, and for offending you, please forgive me.” Chen Ao was sweating and bowed and apologized.

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