A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 136

At this moment, Chen Ao was also very frightened. After all, his subordinate Sheng Tian had just provoked Ye Fan before, and this woman immediately offended him again. Naturally, Chen Ao was very frightened.
I was afraid that Ye Fan would get angry and punish his daughter again.
All of a sudden, Chen Ao and Li Lao Er, the two big guys, respectfully and fearfully apologized to Ye Fan. The others in the room were surprised. For a time, the eyes of Ye Fan were a little different.
Could it be that the waiter serving tea and pouring water in front of him has a monstrous background?
Even Jiangdong Wang Chen Ao is so respectful?
Facing the two people’s apologies, Ye Fan’s expression remained deep.
In particular, Ye Fan’s gaze at Lao Er Li was even colder. At that time, Lao Er Li was almost frightened, thinking that he would be over now.
Ye Fan, it is estimated that 7dbe4391 is really angry.
However, after a long period of silence, Ye Fan snorted coldly: “Lord Li, take care of your dog mouth.”
“Next time, if I hear you insult Mucheng again, Yunzhou, there will be no place for you!”
Ye Fan’s words changed the expressions of everyone present. Remember to read in one second
This person is so powerful!
In one word, let Li’s second roll out of Yunzhou?
Chen Ao doesn’t even have this ability.
Is this person just talking big and pretending? Still really awesome?
Many people can’t help but be curious.
“Yes, yes, I, Li Er, must take care of my mouth and never talk nonsense.”
“Mr. Chu, you… sit down and I will pour you water~”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Li’s second wife was immediately pardoned, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and quickly got up to support Ye Fan, and respectfully invited Ye Fan into the seat while he sat on the side. Pouring Ye Fan with the teapot.
Li’s second child was obviously frightened, and the hands of the pouring water were trembling.
At this time, Chen Ao looked at Ye Fan wearing the clothes of a waiter, but curiously asked, “Didn’t Mr. Chu leave? Why is he suddenly returning to the restaurant and sitting here?”
Chen Ao obviously asked why Ye Fan got in to do the work of serving tea and water.
Ye Fan chuckled softly: “Well, don’t ask me. Mr. Chen, you should ask your precious girl.”
“I just borrowed two hundred yuan, and didn’t say not to pay it back, but your proud master’s daughter is so powerful, she just pulled me to be this coolie.”
“Huh?” When Chen Ao heard it, his old face turned pale again, turned his head and stared at Chen Nan, who screamed again, “What’s the matter?”
“But you asked Mr. Chu to serve the tea and pour water?”
Chen Nan lowered his head, knowing that he had caused a catastrophe, did not dare to speak, faced Chen Ao’s yelling question, but nodded in fear.
“You are so brave!”
“How dare you let Mr. Chu do this kind of work?”
Chen Ao was furious, and rose up against the crime, shouting angrily, scared Chen Nan back a few steps, as if afraid that Chen Ao would hit her, his head lowered deeper.
“President Chen, look at your good daughter?”
“If it weren’t for my second wife, Mr. Chu, who recognized Mr. Chu, would you bear the consequences?”
Li’s second child was also very angry on the sidelines. If he hadn’t known that Chen Nan was Chen Ao’s daughter, Li’s second child would have slapped him.
If she hadn’t asked Ye Fan to bring tea and water, how could he offend Ye Fan today? How could he insult Mr. Chu’s wife?
Because of Chen Ao’s daughter, Li Lao Er almost fell here today.
How is Li’s second child not angry with Chen Nan?
“President Chen, I think your daughter should just send it out. Otherwise, you will be killed sooner or later, and others will have to be implicated.”
Li’s second snorted angrily again, and Chen Nan’s pretty face became white again.

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