A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 137

Hearing that Lao Er Li also blamed his daughter for coming, Chen Ao immediately became angry, stared at Lao Er Li, and snorted coldly: “Lao Li, you don’t have to blame my daughter.”
“If you didn’t pretend to be forced, how could you offend Mr. Chu?”
“When anyone didn’t miss, the water would be splashed. What a big deal, just smile, but you have to put on airs and provoke Mr. Chu. Who is to blame?”
Chen Ao hummed back, but he slammed Li’s second child.
Others are afraid of Li’s second child, and Chen Ao is not afraid of him.
His own daughter, he can scold, he can say, and will never allow others to scold.
Lao Er Li immediately became speechless, just snorted coldly, and stood beside Ye Fan with an old face and stopped talking.
Chen Nan also lowered his head, tears rolling in his eyes. Being reprimanded by her father in public, she naturally felt wronged and ashamed.
For so many years, no one has ever scolded him like this. But now~~
“What are you still doing in a daze?” The starting website m.
“Hurry up and go and make amends for Mr. Chu?”
“You Nizi, you are so courageous. You dare to call anyone, is Mr. Chu someone you can arrogantly instruct? You are spoiled by your mother.”
Chen Ao was also angry and worried.
I was so angry that my daughter was so ignorant that she actually used Ye Fan as a waiter. Worrying is that Ye Fan is afraid that his daughter will suffer.
However, in the face of Chen Ao’s anger, Chen Nan turned a deaf ear to it, still standing there, lowered his head, but did not go to apologize to Ye Fan.
“Aren’t you going? Do you want me to do it?” Chen Ao was so angry that he was going to beat Chen Nan in the past.
Li Er saw that the excitement was not too big, and at this time he even snorted: “Oh, you deserve to be the daughter of King Jiang Dong, this arrogant man looks like his dad.”
“You shut up!” Ye Fan glared at Li Er, and then smiled faintly, “Chen Ao, forget it, don’t scold her. I can’t blame her for this thing, after all, I also borrowed her. For the money, help her do some work, just as it is to pay her some interest.”
“Xie Chu~” Chen Ao suddenly sighed in relief when Ye Fan didn’t pursue it. b9961099 However, Chen Ao hasn’t finished that sentence.
Who ever thought that Chen Nan raised his face at this time, glared at Ye Fan with a tearful face, and said coldly: “Huh, you don’t need to be pretending to be here.”
“I know, you just want to see this girl’s jokes on purpose, you just want to see me ashamed.”
“Are you content now?”
Chen Nan’s grievances burst out at this moment, and she shouted at Ye Fan with red eyes.
“However, my father is afraid of you, and I, Chen Nan, are not afraid of you.”
“What I hate most is your second-generation ancestor. Relying on your ancestor’s power, you are here to dominate. Without background, you are nothing at all.
“Do you really think that people respect you because they look down on you? Don’t be naive.”
“You dude disciple, you have to borrow two hundred yuan, you have no ability, no family support, what are you?”
Chen Nan came up with a violent temper, but he didn’t care about anything, and was chaotic at Ye Fan.
Chen Ao was frightened at the time, and his whole body trembled with popularity: “Ni Nu, you silence me!”
“You want to piss me off?”
“Quickly apologize to Mr. Chu!”
“He is an incompetent second generation ancestor, what right does he have to make me apologize? I don’t!” Chen Nan roared stubbornly, then turned and ran away.
Only a piece of silence was left behind, silently depressed.

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