A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 138

Chen Ao almost fainted, his old face trembling with anger, and finally looked at Ye Fan with some guilt: “Mr. Chu, I’m sorry, I made you laugh.”
“My daughter has been spoiled by me. When I go back, I will discipline myself strictly and come to apologize to her husband later.”
Ye Fan smiled bitterly, “Farewell, I want to live a few more years.”
Regarding Chen Nan’s temper, Ye Fan was really afraid that she would demolish her own house again.
However, what Ye Fan appreciates is that Chen Nan’s stubbornness is somewhat similar to his wife Qiu Mucheng.
“Chen, why apologize?”
“I think Ling Qianjin is right.”
“The young man in front of him, if he doesn’t rely on his family background, he really doesn’t count as anything in this society!”
“It’s so useless for one person to borrow two hundred yuan?”
“This kind of dude is really not worthy of respect.”
“No wonder the Chinese people say that the Ze of gentleman will be killed for the fifth generation!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At this time, boxing champion Holden snorted and said with a slight disdain.
Chen Ao was taken aback, and hurriedly said: “Mr. Huo speaks carefully, Mr. Chu is not a worthless dude.”
“Oh, then tell me, what is this young man capable of?”
“He can take my punch?”
“Can you still stop my blow?”
Holden tilted Erlang’s legs and looked at Ye Fan teasingly, smiling faintly.
“This~” Chen Ao was speechless. Ye Fanke kept him secret of those things, so he certainly couldn’t say.
When everyone saw this, they all laughed.
Chen Ao, on the contrary, confirmed Ye Fan’s incompetent dude’s identity.
“Okay, just a dude, don’t waste time with him anymore. Mr. Chen, why haven’t you sent the fist mark you mentioned?” Horton was a little impatient, but asked coldly.
However, as soon as Horton’s voice fell, the door was pushed open again.
I saw Chen Nan urging the two big men to bring in a huge stone of several hundred kilograms.
Chen Nan had stopped crying at this time, but his eyes were still red and swollen, and it was obvious that he was not crying lightly.
“You rebellious girl, do you dare to come back?” Chen Ao was furious when he saw his daughter.
“Why can’t I come back? He also left to leave. I am the director of this Shengtian restaurant. I will come back as soon as I want to come back. No one can stop me.” Chen Nan’s words were clearly aimed at Ye Fan.
Just now, the more Chen Nan thought about it, the more aggrieved, the more he thought about it, the more useless. At the end of the run, he turned back again.
The more Ye Fan forced her to leave, the less she would not leave, she must not let a dude read the joke.
“You~” Chen arrogantly made his old face pale again.
Ye Fan only thinks that Chen Ao has a personality and is very interesting.
“well said!”
“Little girl, just watch it here. Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, no one will dare to drive you!”
Horton also seemed to admire Chen Nan’s personality very much, and he burst out laughing and said to Chen Nan.
Chen Nan was immediately happy: “Thank you Uncle Huo!”
With boxing champion Holden covered, Chen Nan’s waist was undoubtedly straightened a lot, and he even glared at Ye Fan triumphantly.
That expression seems to be saying, keep going crazy?
Boxing King Huo protects me now, I think you dare not be honest!
Chen Nan’s little temper made Ye Fan feel very funny. It felt like a little daughter-in-law who was angry with her husband at home.
“Well, that stone, move it up!”
Everyone didn’t pay attention to this matter anymore. In the eyes of many people, Ye Fan and Chen Nan were just juniors after all. If they hadn’t both had a lot of background, they would have been driven out. .
Soon, the two big men moved the hundred-jin boulder to the front.
Everyone looked over and saw that there was a huge fist mark deep in the boulder, and the entire boulder seemed to have been punched through. One can imagine how strong the punches should be?
Zhengrong fist marks, shocking!
Many people turned pale immediately.

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