A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 140

Ye Fan chuckled and didn’t say anything. Instead, he picked up his teacup and sipped tea quietly.
“Wow, Mr. Huo f2f22c8d is amazing!”
“Bruce Lee is alive.”
“Smash the boulder with one punch?”
“When the time comes, when I meet Wu Herong, I guess Mr. Huo will be able to beat him all over the floor without ten moves.”
Chen Nan was obviously amazed by Horton’s methods. She had always liked this particularly masculine hero. At this time, she almost turned into a little fan girl, her beautiful eyes were full of color, and she admired her.
“Ten strokes?” Horton shook his head, then smiled proudly, “I defeat him, why ten strokes?”
“Within three moves, I defeated him like a dog!”
In the room, Holden stood proudly with his hand. In the words, there is arrogance.
Chen Ao and others admired them, but they were shocked. First URL m.
However, just as everyone once again stood up to compliment Holden, and expressed full admiration like a boxing champion. Who would have thought that a cold laughter sounded quietly at this moment.
“Within ten feet, he kills you like a chicken!”
Deathly silence.
When Ye Fan’s words fell, the whole room was silent, and everyone stayed in place.
The air seems to be stagnant, here the world, the needle can be heard!
“Smelly boy, are you looking for death?”
Horton exploded at that time, with a pair of cold eyes as sharp as knives, and with violent anger, he immediately stared at Ye Fan.
Holden at this time is almost mad!
He just finished talking one second before, and within three moves, Wu Herong was defeated like a dog.
But then, this Ye Fan responded to him, in a battle, kill him like a chicken?
what is this?
It’s not a slap, it’s a naked kick.
Horton was originally a violent temper and was naturally furious!
“I, Holden, learned martial arts at the age of eight and boxing at ten.”
“At the age of twelve, he won the gold medal in the National Junior Boxing Competition!”
“When I was fifteen, I studied as a Muay Thai master.”
“In only three years, my teacher is not as good as me!”
“This year, I played in 16 boxing matches for seven days and six nights, without losing a single one. I swept the Thai boxing world!”
“Thai boxing world, regard me as king!”
“Southeast Wujie, respect me as a tiger!”
“You are a yellow-mouthed child, and you dare to insult me?”
Horton’s words were torrential and furious.
With an arrogant voice and icy eyes, every time he says a word, he takes a step forward.
In the end, Horton gave a big kick and stomped down suddenly, and the bench in front of him cracked every inch.
The surging power, but it shocked everyone.
In a short time, Chen Ao, Li Lao Er and others showed more respect for Horton. Chen Nan’s admiration for him has become even heavier.
However, listening to Horton’s words, Ye Fan’s expression remained calm. He sipped his tea, raised his head, looked at him, and smiled faintly: “You said a lot, but what about that?”
“Within ten feet, Wu Herong will kill you as if it were a chicken!”
“Vertical arrogant!”
“Life and death~”
“Whose stupid descendant?” Ye Fan’s words fell, not only Horton was angry, but the other Jiangdong big men present were also angry.
With cold eyes and cold eyes, they scolded Ye Fan angrily.
Chen Nan was also full of contempt: “What an idiot!”
“Your incompetent dude disciple, without the power to bind a chicken, dare you to insult King Huo here?”
“I don’t know how high the sky is!”
“Believe it or not, Boxing King Huo, one punch will blow you up.”
Chen Nan smiled disdainfully.
Seeing that everyone was verbally criticizing Ye Fan, Chen Ao and Li Er were silent. They just watched, obviously expressing dissatisfaction with Ye Fan’s rude and arrogant behavior.

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