A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 141

After all, in the eyes of Chen Ao and Li Er, Ye Fan may have a background and can do something, but this kind of fisting matter is obviously not known to Ye Fan.
The ruler is short and the inch is long. No one is omnipotent. The key is to recognize yourself and know yourself.
Just like now, Holden has long been famous in the boxing world. In terms of background and strategy, Holden may not be as good as Ye Fan, but Chen Ao and others think that Ye Fan and Holden can’t do anything. ratio.
Ye Fan is a rich young master who is thin and weak. Ye Fan admits that he is inferior to Holden in terms of fists and feet, and Chen Ao and others will not look down on him.
After all, he is the Muay Thai boxing champion, the Southeast Tigers, few people can match him.
However, who would have thought that Ye Fan not only didn’t know himself, but also demolished other people’s platforms in public, saying that they were not as skilled as people, and that killing him within ten feet was like killing a chicken.
Do you know bcd276c7 boxing?
Do you know martial arts?
Everyone is naturally angry with this nonsense and nonsense.
Even Chen Ao and Li Er both felt dissatisfied. They only felt that Ye Fan’s behavior was a little bit scornful and a little foolish. The respect for Ye Fan in his heart is undoubtedly less.
“Mr. Chu, if we don’t understand this matter in the martial arts world, we still don’t want to comment on it.” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Fighting King Huo is after all the strong man we have spent thousands of miles to invite from Southeast Asia.”
“I think that some respect and politeness are still necessary.” Chen Ao followed him carefully, persuading him.
Li Er nodded in agreement.
After all, in the eyes of Chen Ao and Li Er, whether Jiangdong can survive this catastrophe depends entirely on Holden.
Now that Ye Fan is so pleasing to others in public, Chen Ao and others naturally have to help Horton speak.
After all, they all counted on Horton for the lives and deaths of everyone here.
“Hey, Mr. Chu, after all, he is still too young.”
Chen Ao and Li Er both shook their heads and sighed with emotion in their hearts.
After all, this kind of unruly behavior can only be done by a young and energetic person like Ye Fan.
“It’s true that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers~”
“Mr. Chen, who is this guy?”
“I don’t know what is good or bad like this.”
“Boxing King Huo is our Jiangdong’s savior now. He is an innocent boy and dare to insult?”
Everyone was also dissatisfied at this time, and there was sullen, disdain, and contempt in the eyes that looked at Ye Fan.
If it weren’t for fear of this person’s background, it is estimated that many people present had already sent Ye Fan out.
Chen Ao waved his hand, after all, he still rounded off Ye Fan. After all, Ye Fan helped him a lot back then. He can’t just ignore him because of his dissatisfaction with Ye Fan today: “Mr. Chu is young and vigorous after all, so please take care of it.”
“All come from this age.”
Chen Ao had already spoken, and even if everyone present hated Ye Fan, they didn’t say any more.
But obviously, Ye Fan’s feeling in the hearts of everyone is already at the extreme.
Chen Nan also glared at Ye Fan with contemptuous eyes: “Hmph, I don’t know how to pretend to understand here, look at you as thin and weak, do you know boxing? I guess I can beat you with one punch, and I don’t know who will give it. Your courage, how dare you question Boxing King Huo?”
Chen Nan hummed in a low voice, smirking.
At this time, Chen Ao calmed Horton: “Mr. Huo, don’t be angry. After all, Mr. Chu is young, and it is inevitable that he will be a little bit young.”
“All of us present still believe in Mr. Huo’s methods.”
Chen Ao smiled with a smile on his face, and then prepared to continue discussing strategies to deal with Wu Herong.
However, Horton was obviously irritated: “For the sake of Mr. Chen’s face, I don’t have the general knowledge of this arrogant man.”
“But what kind of occasion is today. I, Holden, traveled all the way to Jiangdong to discuss plans with you guys. In these scenes, Mr. Chen asked a young guy who was still young to take part in the meeting. Isn’t he taking the meeting today too much?
“This~” When Chen Ao heard this, his old face sank immediately, and he was immediately embarrassed.
Horton’s meaning was already obvious, he was going to drive Ye Fan away.

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