A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 142

But Ye Fan is honorable, how can Chen Ao dare to let Ye Fan go?
“It seems Mr. Chen is a little embarrassed.”
“Since Mr. Chen would rather believe in a junior than listen to my Huo, then there is no point in staying any longer.”
Seeing Chen Ao’s appearance, Horton sneered, got up and walked away.
“Mr. Huo, no~”
“We Jiangdong depends on you, how can you leave?”
“You are gone, who else can save me Jiangdong?”
Seeing Holden about to leave, everyone present panicked.
One after another got up to stop each other anxiously.
“If he wants to leave, let him go. As long as you want, I can help you. It’s just Wu Herong. I can deal with it by myself without a family.” At this moment, Ye Fan volunteered words from the crowd.
“I’ll go to Nima!” Remember to read a book for one second
“You’re an innocent dude, I’m afraid you can’t even hold you back.”
“Also help us, how can you help us?”
“Use your mouth?”
When everyone heard Ye Fan’s words, they suddenly became even more angry. I just think this junior is here to make trouble.
“What a arrogance!”
“Idiot!” Chen Nan was also amused by Ye Fan’s words, only thinking that he heard a big joke.
So many good players in the Niu family fell under Wu Herong’s hands.
Chen Nan didn’t expect that Ye Fan would dare to speak such big words?
“What do you think of this?”
“Play house?” Chen Nan sneered.
Chen Ao and Li Er were also twitching at this time.
The dissatisfaction with Ye Fan in his heart became more serious.
At this time, they didn’t expect Mr. Chu to say these unrealistic jokes.
It’s not that Chen Ao and others didn’t believe in Ye Fan, it was mainly Ye Fan’s body, how could he not look like someone who could deal with Wu Herong’s cold-blooded soldier.
“Mr. Chen, now, do you still want to keep that arrogant and arrogant dude?”
“It’s really hard to leave Mr. Huo, how do you explain to everyone in Jiangdong?”
At this moment, a bald old man shouted at Chen Ao in a cold voice.
“Sanye Lei is right, President Chen, you have to take care of the overall situation!”
“Let him go~”
“A stinky boy, even if he has a monstrous background, I can’t wait to let him run wild here!”
When everyone was sullen, Ye Fan still sat there calmly, holding a teacup, sipping tea quietly.
“You guys, are you still going?”
“It’s impossible for us to drive you away!”
“This is not a place where you can fool around!” Lei Sanye immediately became even more angry when seeing Ye Fan still drinking tea, and shouted coldly.
Chen Nan also sneered from the side: “Young Master Chu, you can always sit still. Everyone has driven you away, so you still have the face to drink tea here?”
“If you are acquainted, go by yourself, don’t make my dad embarrassed!”
Chen Nan was full of disgust and drove Ye Fan away.
“Nan Nan, just say a few words, Mr. Chu must not offend.” Chen Ao still drank to Chen Nan at this time, asking her to pay attention to her words.
“Dad, you still speak for him. He almost left Mr. Huo, do you want the whole Jiangdong to be buried under Wu Herong because of him?” Chen Nan was full of anger.
Chen Ao also fell silent immediately.
Second Li is also silent.
At this time, other people even criticized Ye Fan and let him leave here.
However, Ye Fan smiled when he faced what Qian Fu pointed out. He put down his teacup, slowly raised his head, and sneered: “Li Er knows me, Chen Ao is also my deceased, because of the face of both of them. I plan to help you Jiangdong.”
“But no matter what, you people have no eyes and don’t know the superior.”
“I don’t know if I don’t know how to thank you, but I’m still here to humiliate me, verbally criticize me.”
“Well, it’s a favor, this young master is too lazy to help.”
“Mr. Chu, don’t be angry, it’s not that we don’t believe you, it’s mainly because the technical profession has specialization…” Chen Ao still wanted to explain.
But Ye Fan seemed to be really angry, waved his hand, and sneered: “Chen Ao, you don’t have to say much. I can see everything today.”
“Since you all want me to go.”
“Yes, I won’t make you embarrassed anymore, I’m Ye Fan, let’s go!”
“You guys, do it for yourself~”
After the words fell, Ye Fan picked up the teacup, sneered at the crowd, then looked up and drank it.
Putting down the teacup, Ye Fan stopped staying, turned around and left.
Only behind him, there was a silent surprise.

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