A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 144

However, Chen Ao didn’t struggle with this matter for too long.
“Since Mr. Huo is confident that he can defeat Wu Herong, the rest is much simpler.”
“Now, we are in the Ming and Wu Herong is in the dark. But it is not difficult to draw him out.”
“As far as I know, Wu Herong has a good face and loves vanity.”
“Therefore, we can completely release news and initiate an engagement with Wu Herong.”
“The strong will fight each other, not only for victory and defeat, but also for life and death.”
“At that time, I believe Wu Herong, he will be invited to fight.”
“After all, the whole Jiangdong people were watching at that time. If he didn’t come, he would be a tortoise with a shrunken head and shame him. In the future, he would not be able to stand in Jiangdong!”
Chen Ao’s words were strong, and his low voice was echoing in the room.
Obviously, before coming, Chen Ao had already figured out the strategy to elicit Wu Herong.
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“Just as Mr. Chen said.”
“Then press the whole Jiangdong, and make a big bet with Wu Herong!”
“In Jianghai, fight an earth-shattering underground boxing match.”
At this moment, everyone in the room clenched their palms, and the fighting spirit in their eyebrows was high.
After all, everyone knows what this engagement meant.
This is not just a duel between Wu Herong and Horton, but also a wrestling between the big brothers in Jiangdong and Wu Herong.
If they win, Wu Herong will die, and Jiangdong will still be theirs.
But if they lose, then Jiangdong will undoubtedly change completely.
The reputation of the King of Jiangdong, I’m afraid it will also change hands!
“Mr. Huo, Jiangdong’s life and death depends entirely on you.”
“Boxing champion, please!” Chen Ao was full of expectation, holding up his teacup and replacing wine with tea, but he respected Horton.
For a time, it was like a stone that caused a thousand waves.
After Chen Ao raised their glasses, Li Er, Lei Lao San and others all raised their glasses and drank together. The voices full of expectations sounded at the same time.
“Mr. Huo, please~”
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The crowds all got up, everyone toasted, but they all respected the southeast tiger in front.
In the face of everyone offering tea, Horton still sat.
His eyes are full of arrogance, he is full of spirits. In the end, Horton also took up the tea cup, and respected everyone.
“Don’t worry!”
“Holden has experienced hundreds of battles in this life, fighting against invincible players in South Asia.”
“A dog who loses his family in a small area, I can only defeat him as a dog!”
“All you need to do is to deliver the battle book to that person, and leave the rest to me.”
Holden drank proudly.
For a while, the room’s anger undoubtedly reached its extreme, and everyone toasted and drank.
However, at this moment, the whole restaurant trembled.
Immediately afterwards, only hearing a muffled sound, the door of this private room was kicked open.
Between the doors and windows, a figure wearing a gray robe appeared in the sight of everyone.
The cold wind, like the roar of the devil, blew past the broken doors and windows.
The same gray clothes, the same gray robe, the same coldness and evil spirit.
At the moment when the middle-aged man appeared in front of him, everyone in the room was confused.
Their eyes were full of fear, like chickens caught in the neck.
A pair of old eyes stared hard.
Chen Ao was so scared that his pupils shrank, Li Er turned over from the chair, and Lei Sanye trembled as if he had seen a ghost.
Wu… Wu… Wu Herong! !
Outside the window, the cold wind was freezing and the night was deep.
The solemn darkness, like a tide, swept across the entire world.
The rivers and seas tonight are surging.
And the figure at the door stood just like that.
No words, no words.
A gray robe, but in the night wind, hunting and dancing.
Only if, ghost!

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