A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 146

However, the battle that everyone was waiting for did not appear.
After the gray-robed man paused for a while, he lifted his feet again and walked out.
When Li Er and others saw this, they thought that the gray-robed man was afraid under Horton’s might, and suddenly smiled.
“Yes indeed!”
“Wu Herong’s only a junior, with Mr. Huo here, what are we afraid of him?” Li Er laughed.
Lei Sanye and the others also took a long sigh of relief, and the panic just now faded a bit.
This person came suddenly, and they almost forgot that Holden was in the room just now.
“Where is the boxing champion, what are we afraid of him for?”
“Mr. Huo defeated his senior brother, it is like a defeated dog, let alone him?” Starting website m.
“Go back and tell you brother, after ten days, everyone in Jiangdong will definitely go to the appointment to fight.”
“Let him prepare the coffin and collect the corpse for himself~”
With Holden’s reliance, everyone will no longer be so afraid again.
Chen Nan’s pretty face also recovered a bit of blood, and even moved his steps, quietly approaching Horton a few steps, as if seeking shelter.
Facing the words of the crowd, the man turned a deaf ear, still silent, strolling outside the restaurant.
“Didn’t you hear the words of the boxing champion, wipe the water for me.”
But Horton obviously had no intention of letting the gray-robed man leave. Seeing that he was afraid to leave, Horton’s tone was undoubtedly even colder.
Among the faint words, there was anger suppressing.
The gray-robed man’s footsteps paused again.
However, that’s all, he didn’t turn around to wipe the water for Horton, and after a moment of silence, he continued to walk outside.
Horton was completely angry. In his anger, he smashed the bench in front of him and shouted, “Are you really deaf?”
“The boxer asked you to roll over and wipe me clean.”
“Otherwise, I will let you lie here tonight!”
What is domineering, this is it.
What is pretense, this is it!
After Horton drank this, the whole room was shaking almost.
Looking at Horton’s majestic look, Chen Nan and others admired even more. I thought that this is the real skill, this is the real awesome.
Worthy of being Thai boxing champion, Southeast Tiger!
This time, Jiangdong, they found the right person.
Chen Ao and others were also secretly grateful, but fortunately, those who didn’t believe Ye Fan before forced Horton away. Otherwise, who else would yell at Wu Herong’s younger brother with anger and majesty like now.
This time, the gray-robed man finally stopped. He didn’t leave again, but turned and walked towards Horton.
Seeing that the man was subdued and succumbed, Horton suddenly smiled: “It’s almost the same. Wipe up the boxer, otherwise, you don’t want to leave here standing.”
Horton smiled triumphantly and vigorously.
However, just when everyone thought that the gray-robed man was really going to wipe the water on Horton’s body, but who would have thought that the gray-robed man’s brows and eyes were regretful, and he raised his hand and slapped it directly on Horton’s face. Past.
“Mouse, dare you?”
This person’s sudden movement caused Horton to be shocked immediately, his right hand clenched into a fist, and he smashed it against the gray-robed man’s attack.
The fists touched, only a dull boom was heard. The gray-robed man was like a broken bamboo, and a slap directly broke Horton’s hand bones.
Amidst the harsh screams, everyone saw that Horton, who was still flaunting his might just now, was interrupted by his hand bone, and the surplus of the whistling palm hit Horton’s face. .
Muscles and bones shattered, and blood was flying.
Horton’s whole body was taken off immediately, his face was shattered, his body of several hundred jin slammed against the wall, blood mixed with his teeth immediately ran all over the floor.
At that moment, everyone was dumbfounded.
Li Er was so scared that he was lying on the ground, Lei Sanye also squatted down on the chair, Chen Ao’s old face was flickering, and Chen Nan’s face was pale and almost lost in fear.
Before that, who would have thought that boxing champion Holden, who had just flaunted his prestige and vowed to defeat Wu Herong, was directly slapped to death by Wu Herong’s junior slap?

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