A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 147

This cruel reality keeps everyone in place, leaving the brain blank.
“Is this the strong one you are looking for?”
“It’s just useless.” At this time, the gray-robed man turned around and gave Chen Ao and the others a joke.
“With this strength, do you still want to defeat my brother?”
“Within ten feet, my brother kills him, it’s like killing a chicken!”
The man in the gray robe sneered.
And the Jiangdong people who heard this sentence, an old face almost twitched at the same time.
Especially Chen Nan’s beautiful eyes widened and her pretty face whitened immediately.
Because of the same words, Ye Fan also said just now.
Could it be that all of them misunderstood him?
After slapped Horton to death, the man in the gray robe in front of him did not linger. Instead, with his hands on his back, he turned and walked out the door. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At the door, something wrapped in a plastic bag suddenly fell and blocked his way.
The man in the gray robe didn’t change his face and stepped on it.
At this time, Ye Fan, who came back to take things, just walked to the door. The moment he saw the other party, his face suddenly changed, full of anger. The washboard he just bought for his wife was trampled on by… dirty! Up!
“Where’s the dick, don’t want to die, get out of here!” Seeing Ye Fan who suddenly appeared, the man in the gray robe frowned and said with disgust.
“Dare to soil my wife’s washboard?”
However, before that person could take action, Ye Fan exploded and yelled angrily. Then, in shock and violent eyes, Ye Fan slapped him directly.
“Junior, do you dare?”
The gray-robed man was shocked. He didn’t expect that the poor and sour cock in front of him would be the first to attack him?
In the angry voice of the man in the gray robe.
There was a muffled sound.
The world is quiet now~
The moonlight is bright and the night is deep. The bitter cold wind blew through the broken doors and windows.
It blows to everyone’s faces, but it is cold in everyone’s hearts.
Ahead, the man in the gray robe fell to the ground, embarrassed like a dog, convulsing all over.
Obviously, with a slap just now, Ye ab0b44fcfan has already stunned him.
After Ye Fan slapped the gray-robed man, he immediately retracted his palm, picked up the washboard on the ground with distress and regret, blew the dust on it, and then walked outside cursingly.
However, at this time, the man in the gray robe who was drawn to the ground by Ye Fan actually got up again, his old face almost swollen into a pig’s head by Ye Fan.
He was angry, as if shameful, stood up and cursed at Ye Fan.
“Junior, do you dare to attack and die!”
In furious, the gray-robed man took three steps and two steps, with red eyes chasing Ye Fan, his hands clenched into fists, and he slammed into the back of Ye Fan’s head.
Under the eyes of everyone, among the ten-zhang restaurant, Chen Ao, Li Lao Er, Lei San Ye, Chen Nan and other people present all saw Ye Fan raise his arm and slap his backhand directly into the past.
There is no block at all.
Hearing a dull bang, and a piercing sound of bones and muscles, the gray-robed man’s entire arm was directly broken by Ye Fan.
The huge giant palm with a bitter palm wind, unabated, slammed on the other side of the gray robe man’s face.
With a fierce slap, Ye Fan directly knocked the head crooked, and half of his face slumped.
With a scream, blood mixed with teeth vomited desperately.
And under Ye Fan’s palm, the gray-robed man was like a flying cannonball. He flew directly, and finally hit the door and window behind him with a bang.
The doors and windows trembled and the glass shattered.
The whole person flew out from the window, several meters above the ground, crashing to the ground.
That low boom, but the entire restaurant trembled.

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