A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 148

As for Ye Fan himself, he didn’t even turn his head back from beginning to end, and kept his back to the crowd. He didn’t even look at the gray-robed man, so he flew the gray-robed man away with his backhand.
After that, Ye Fan didn’t stop even more, and didn’t pay attention to Chen Ao Li’s second child, and went downstairs without looking back.
He was on the phone while walking, “Mucheng, I was wrong.”
“Wife, can you listen to me explain?”
“I was really wrong~”
Ye Fan’s voice begging for mercy quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.
Only behind him, there was a silent surprise and silence.
At this time, everyone in the private room was completely confused.
One by one, his eyes were staring dead, and the expressions were like hell. Standing there, just as if forced.
Who can think of it? Remember to read in one second
Junior Brother Wu Herong, who just slapped boxing champion Holden to death, ended up in Ye Fan’s hands and was incited to fly out like a dog.
With just two slaps, he completely slapped the gray-robed man, and fell from the upper floor without knowing his life or death.
What is Niubi?
This is so awesome!
What is domineering?
This is so domineering!
At this moment, Chen Ao. Li Lao Er and the others were almost crazy, and there was a huge wave in their hearts.
Just now, Ye Fan used monstrous means and naked reality to personally explain to them, what is meant by three tricks, 36603af6 defeats a man like a defeated dog.
What is called, within ten feet, killing is like killing a chicken!
There was a long silence.
It has been several minutes since Ye Fan left, but the whole private room is still silent.
Deathly silence.
You can almost hear a needle drop.
As long as the icy wind outside the window blew through.
After hitting everyone present, everyone shivered almost subconsciously.
Ye Fan’s approach just now almost frightened everyone present.
Especially Chen Nan, Lei Laosan and others looked at each other even more.
They looked at the boxing champion who was pumped to death in a pool of blood like a waste dog, and then looked at the window where the gray-robed man was smashed by the fly. Their pretty face was pale and colorless, and they said at all. Not a word.
Even now, Chen Nan still can’t believe the scene just now.
Two palms, fly directly!
With the last palm, Ye Fan didn’t even turn his head back?
“I can go to Nima!”
“Is it still human?”
“It’s too awesome!”
Many people sighed, thinking back to the scene just now, many people were shocked and gasped.
Before that, who could imagine that a arrogant and arrogant young man who had been scolded by the crowd for useless and arrogant inaction before, was finally a blockbuster, slapped two slaps directly, even the boxing champion could not cope with the existence.
But the reality is just like this.
“Now, I’m afraid it’s a big deal.”
Chen Ao’s face was sullen, and his expression was so gloomy. Li’s second child was also squatting on the ground, panicking, his old face was very ugly.
Before, the two of them had always believed that Mr. Chu had volunteered to be arrogant and frivolous. Therefore, not only others, but Chen Ao and Li Lao Er, did not believe him.
But now, the Thai boxing champion Southeast Tigers they hired heavily are ready to deal with Wu Herong’s existence. In the end, they didn’t even see Wu Herong’s face, so Wu Herong’s younger brother directly killed him.
On the contrary, it was the incompetent dude in Chen Nan’s mouth, the idiot in Horton’s eyes, the arrogant junior in the eyes of Lei Lao San and others, and everyone looked down on Ye Fan, who was inconspicuous. Scrapped.
It is a great irony.
All the people who mocked and despised Ye Fan just now all had their faces flushed, their heads lowered, and they dare not say a word.
And Lei San, who took the lead to drive Ye Fan away, was even more frightened. With an old face trembling, he looked at Chen Ao, swaying all over, and said in panic: “Mr. Chen, I…we… What big man is there?”

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