A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 150

Ye Fan sneered coldly, didn’t wait for the other party to answer at all, and hung up the phone with a snap.
Shengtian Restaurant, among luxurious private rooms.
The moment Ye Fan hung up the phone, Chen Ao’s heart immediately chilled.
This special mother, this is a big deal.
It seems that Mr. Chu is really angry.
In the room, the big Jiangdong bigwigs who were inexperienced in the past, at this moment, also want to be like a dog, drooping their heads and making faces.
Especially Lei Laosan and Chu Nan who were named by Ye Fan just now, their faces were even more ugly.
Lei San was ashamed and couldn’t help sighing.
Chen Nan’s face was even paler, and his delicate and pretty face was no longer bloody.
Chen Ao was trembling with anger, and finally looked at his ineffective daughter, and yelled coldly, “You bastard, let’s see what you do!”
“Don’t go anywhere tomorrow, go to the door and apologize obediently with me.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“If you have eyes but no beads, you don’t know the superior, what are they?”
Chen Ao’s words were cold and angry. It seemed that he was shouting at his own daughter, but in fact he scolded the whole Jiangdong crowd.
But even so, no one in the room dared to refute, and they all bowed their heads and sighed.
Although Chen Ao’s words were ugly, what he scolded was the truth after all.
Earlier, Ye Fan wanted to help them, because they had no eyes, didn’t know real people, and didn’t accept it. In the end, they even verbally criticized Ye Fan, all kinds of sarcasm, and directly forced them away.
It’s alright now, people let them offend to death. If Ye Fan doesn’t forgive them, these people really don’t know what to do with Wu Herong.
Thinking of what happened before, the intestines of Lei Lao San and others were all blue.
Looking at them, Chen Ao let out a cold snort, did not linger any more, and left immediately.
“You rebellious girl, what are you doing in a daze, don’t you go back with Lao Tzu?”
Before leaving, Chen Ao gave Chen Nan another drink. Chen Nan’s body shook with fright, and his eyes immediately turned red.
At this time, Chen Nan was also panicked and full of regret.
Before that, she had never thought that Ye Fan, who she had looked down upon before, turned out to be such a powerful character.

But when all the big guys in Jiangdong were full of regret, on the other side, Qiu Mucheng looked at Ye Fan with doubts.
“President Chen, what Mr. Chen, who were you calling just now?”
Ye Fan smiled without concealing it, and honestly said, “Which President Chen is it, Jiangdong King Chen Ao?”
In the living room, Han Hai, who had just picked up a cup of tea, spewed out a sip of tea, coughing unceasingly, almost choked to death.
Looking back at Ye Fan, he gave a cold snort, said nothing to Ye Fan, got up and went back to the bedroom.
No ability, bragging, but no one can match.
Han Hai felt increasingly disgusted with this niece and son-in-law.
He finally understood now why his sister Han Ling insisted that Qiu Mucheng divorce him.
This kind of idiot-like incompetent son-in-law, does not leave, is it special for the New Year?
When Ye Fan came back, Han Hai, the uncle, didn’t say a word to him, and he had nothing to say to such a person. Turned his head and went into his bedroom.
“are you an idiot?”
“Is Chen Ao calling you? Why don’t you call you the whole Jiangdong boss?” Han Feifei was watching TV at the time, and when she heard Ye Fan’s words, she couldn’t sit still, turning her head and turning her eyes with contempt. Said.
Ye Fan smiled: “Actually, you can say the same. Chen Ao called me on behalf of the whole Jiangdong boss.”
Qiu Mucheng: “…”
Han Feifei: “……”

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