A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 162

“Naughty!” Han Hai was also furious.
Han Yue even sneered: “It’s really eating inside and out, don’t forget, whose blood is bleeding from your body!”
However, Qiu Mucheng didn’t mean to change her mind in the face of angry rebuke.
Old lady Han was so angry with her old face that she never thought that Qiu Mucheng, who had always been a good girl in front of her, would one day disobey her for the sake of a wasteful son-in-law?
When the scene was out of control, Han He, who had not spoken, said: “Grandma, don’t let them go. My sister came from Yunzhou. After all, it is a filial piety to you. Besides, Today is a day of great rejoicing. Don’t get angry, family and everything will be happy.”
Under Han He’s persuasion, the old lady Han finally let go, and did not drive Ye Fan away.
However, the whole Han family’s antipathy towards Ye Fan is undoubtedly very strong.
At this time, there was a roar of cars outside the Han family’s old house.
Immediately afterwards, a man and a woman husband and wife got out of the car, carrying a bunch of bags and walking into the old house of the Han family.
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“Xiaoyu and Wenxuan are here, help me to meet them.”
Seeing the visitor, the Han family suddenly boiled over.
For a while, the old lady Han, Han Hai, and Han He and other Han family members all ran to the door with smiles on their faces to meet Han Yu and his wife.
“Grandma, how good are you?”
“Xiaoyu and I are here to wish you a birthday.”
“I wish you a long life!”
Congratulations came from a handsome man at the door. It was Han Yu’s husband and the young master of the Mo family, Mo Wenxuan.
The old lady Han smiled from ear to ear: “Haha, Wen Xuan, I’m too far away, too far away.”
“Why do you bring so many things?”
“Too expensive!”
“It’s fine when people come, there is no need to spend more money.”
“As long as you come in person, even if you buy me a few yuan a catty of tea, grandma will be content.”
The old lady Han laughed, but she completely forgot about the perfunctory thing that Ye Fan had just given away tea.
At this time, if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Ye Fan could hardly believe it. It turned out that the old lady Han could be so kind and enthusiastic.
Looking at the crowd in front of them, Han Yu and Mo Wenxuan, who were like stars holding the moon, Qiu Mucheng felt inexplicable sorrow and sorrow in her heart.
The original smile faded without knowing it, and the stunningly pretty face slowly drooped.
The granddaughter of the same old lady Han is also two generations away, but the treatment of her and her cousin Han Yu is undoubtedly a world of difference.
Even if Qiu Mucheng had become accustomed to humble and ordinary, but when he experienced this gap, the kind of loss, the kind of humiliation that was looked down upon, it was still very uncomfortable.
Ye Fan walked over from behind and comforted Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, why envy? Believe me, those who look down on you will regret it soon.”
Ye Fan was expressionless, but in the deep pupils, there was an inexplicable light.
At the same time, hundreds of miles away, dozens of luxury cars are running like a race, desperately running.
Millions of luxury cars ran on the dirt road in the suburbs, but they brought up dust in the sky.
“Special mother, drive faster!”
“Overtake the cars ahead.”
“Don’t be preempted by Chen Ao!”
“Mr. Chu is from Yunzhou, so I, Li Er, have to be the first to join in.” In the Audi car, Li Er cursed.

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