A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 163

“What are you doing there in a daze?”
“I can’t go and help move things.”
Han Yu and the others brought a lot of gifts. There were only two boxes of precious wines such as Wuliangye, plus other rare tonic treasures, and the back of the car was almost full.
At this time, Han He thought of Ye Fan, and then shouted in a deep voice, letting Ye Fan move over.
“Don’t wince?”
“I haven’t seen my daughter and son-in-law here, so why don’t they come out and move things to meet?”
“Eating and drinking, don’t you want to work?” Han Yue also despised.
Ye Fan frowned, but they were elders after all. If they disobeyed, Mucheng would be more embarrassed, so she got up and went to help.
“Good uncle.”
“Feifei is getting more and more beautiful~” Han Yu greeted the family around him after he arrived. Remember to read in one second
Han Feifei also smiled: “No, I am not as pretty as my sister Qiu.”
There are many descendants of the Han family, but Qiu Mucheng’s beauty is still a peak that no one can surpass.
When Han Yu heard this, he frowned without a trace.
No one likes to hear that other women are praised for their beauty in front of them, even if that person is their own cousin.
“Xiaoyu, you are here.” Qiu Mucheng also walked up at this time and said hello to Han Yu.
“Yes, cousin.” Han Yu also smiled politely, “Auntie, why didn’t you see Auntie? Did you come by yourself?”
Qiu Mucheng hadn’t spoken yet, but Han Yu’s mother, Han Yue, sneered at this time: “Your aunt is afraid of being ashamed, so she didn’t come. Let a door-to-door son-in-law come with your cousin to congratulate your grandma.”
“The son-in-law? Mom, what son-in-law?” Mo Wenxuan also walked over at this time, and he asked Han Yue’s words in confusion.
“Wen Xuan, you don’t know, you cousin, she married a door-to-door son-in-law.”
“Oh, brother-in-law?” Mo Wenxuan suddenly felt.
“Brother-in-law, Wen Xuan, he doesn’t deserve to be called you like that. He’s just an incompetent hillbilly. He has nothing to do. Isn’t this carrying the box?” Han Yue smiled disdainfully, and pointed to the person in front of him. Ye Fan.
It was also the first time that Mo Wenxuan and Han Yu and his wife had seen Ye Fan. Now that they saw it, they shook their heads and smiled. They didn’t even say hello, and there was some contempt and disdain in their eyebrows.
Also, no ability, no family background, who would look down upon?
“But Wenxuan, do you know what gift he gave your grandma? He just gave a few kilograms of broken tea leaves grown at home, probably only a few dozen yuan. It’s not too shameful.”
“I said a few words about him before, but he was quite arrogant. He directly confronted me in public and said that I was going to murder your grandma. That mighty one was scary to death.” Han Yue was telling her daughter and son-in-law what he just said. thing.
When Han Yu heard this, he frowned: “Mom, what did you say, did you say that the son-in-law insulted you just now? He is so bold!”
When Han Yu heard that his mother was bumped by Ye Fan, he was immediately sullen.
Han Hai smiled at this time: “Well, Han Yu, don’t be angry. Your grandma has already taught him, isn’t that guy much more honest now?”
Mo Wenxuan also nodded and comforted Han Yue: “Mom, don’t be familiar with such a small person. Generally, people like this kind of incompetent have a big temper. Just don’t care.”
“That’s right, sister Yu, brother-in-law Wen Xuan, come in and sit, don’t just stand.” Han Feifei also said with a smile at this time, and then greeted everyone to enter the hall and sit down.
For Ye Fan, no one cared, and no one paid any attention.

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