A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 164

And Qiu Mucheng felt very uncomfortable when she heard that they belittle Ye Fan so much.
But what can be done if it is uncomfortable, what they said is the truth after all.
After everyone arrived, the old lady Han began to let everyone sit.
“Wen Xuan, your house is at the table on the left.”
“Han Hai, your house is at the table on the right.”
In the main hall, the old lady Han only set up two tables, one for the elder Han Hai’s family, and one for the eldest third Han Yue’s family. Qiu Mucheng’s mother didn’t come this time, so naturally she didn’t specially prepare a banquet for her family.
“Mucheng, you can just sit with your uncle at a table. Anyway, you don’t have any guests, so I won’t give it to your house.” The old lady Han said lightly, but she didn’t care about Qiu Mucheng’s feelings. .
Qiu Mucheng didn’t have any comments, “It’s just grandma, what about Ye Fan?”
“Huh, are you quite close to 370ec531?” Old lady Han was suddenly unhappy.
Han Hai also said at this time: “It’s just an incompetent son-in-law, it is difficult to be elegant. I will let someone set up a table in the yard for a while. Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry for that waste.”
Han Hai’s words made Qiu Mucheng’s face even more ugly. First URL m.
The Han Yue family on the side suddenly smiled. Especially Han Yu, with a look of pride and pride.
What if Qiu Mucheng looks good? Isn’t it that she married a wasteful, destined to be trampled under her feet in the future, and be looked down upon by everyone for a lifetime.
“Cousin, our uncle is right. A door-to-door son-in-law is really difficult to be elegant. Let him eat in the yard, and our Han family has done everything possible.”
“But cousin, if you say you marry this kind of person, our Han family will follow you ashamed. Would you not consider divorcing him?”
“Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about the next house. I will let Wenxuan find you a good husband’s house. The current driver of our family, Xiao Liu, has just divorced and brought a child, and his age is similar to yours. I I think it’s suitable for you.” Han Yu pretended to be concerned.
Mo Wenxuan also nodded and said, “Yes, cousin. That superfluous son-in-law is really not worthy of you. After the birthday banquet, you will divorce him. I will talk to the driver Xiao Liu when I go back. Although his family is not very superior, But it can be considered an average family, definitely better than this son-in-law.”
“Moreover, I pay him 10,000 a month. He is also honest and treats people well. As long as I speak, he won’t refuse this marriage.” Mo Wenxuan’s faint pretence to force attracted many people’s attention.
I thought that Han Yu’s husband is amazing. The driver drives 10,000 yuan a month. How rich is his family?
Qiu Mucheng’s aunt Han Yue immediately agreed: “Haha, this is a good marriage! Mucheng, look at how nice your cousin is to you, and worry about the marriage. It’s still such a good marriage.”
“Wen Xuan, when you go back in the evening, you will do your best to facilitate this marriage.”
“Okay, Mom.”
Qiu Mucheng hadn’t spoken yet, but Han Yue’s family seemed to have to do the marriage affairs.
But Han Hai, Han Feifei and others did not speak.
After all, they are not fools. They could hear that Han Yu and the others did not have any good intentions to promote this marriage.
Not to mention that the driver is a second marriage and has children. The identity of the driver alone is inferior to others. If Qiu Mucheng really became the wife of the Han Yu family’s driver, then it would be tantamount to being overwhelmed by the Han Yu family for a lifetime.
This family clearly humiliated Qiu Mucheng.
“No, Ye Fan is fine. I have no plans to divorce.” Han Yu’s family was still smiling and talking to themselves, but Qiu Mucheng suddenly got up, expressionless, replied in a deep voice, and refused directly. Did not save any face to Han Yu’s family.
Then, Qiu Mucheng looked at the old lady Han again, and slowly said, “Grandma, I won’t sit in the hall anymore. I just have to eat in the courtyard with Ye Fan.”

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