A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 165

After Qiu Mucheng finished speaking, she didn’t wait for Old Lady Han to answer, and she got up and walked out of the hall.
“Mucheng, foolish!”
“Come back~”
Han Hai stared, and shouted at Qiu Mucheng.
However, Qiu Mucheng seemed to have not heard her, her red lips were like fire, her eyebrows were like ink, and she was wearing a long skirt. She ignored everyone’s gaze and walked in the direction of Ye Fan, and then followed Ye Fan in the hall. The yard outside sat down.
“What is this?”
“We kindly introduced him to his in-laws, and we don’t appreciate it, so we still have such an attitude?”
“Mom, look at you, good granddaughter!”
Han Yue was trembling with anger, and she never thought that Qiu Mucheng would not give them the slightest face. I kindly introduced her to someone, but he refused to meet him before he saw him.
Still in front of so many people, this is undoubtedly hitting the Han Yue family in the face, and their family is naturally unhappy.
Han Yue had no scruples and complained directly to the old lady. But Mo Wenxuan was silent, his face cold and solemn. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Obviously, Qiu Mucheng brushed his face in public, which made Mo Wenxuan feel unhappy.
However, Han Feifei said a few words in a low voice for Qiu Mucheng at this time: “Sister, can’t blame my sister Qiu for being angry. Mainly the person you introduced, the conditions…”
Before Han Feifei finished speaking, Han Yue immediately exploded and said angrily: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with Xiao Liu’s condition?”
“The working family has a house and a job, and it costs ten thousand a month. What’s wrong with him? Isn’t it a thousand times or ten thousand times better than the door-to-door son-in-law?”
“She still dislikes it? She even marries a wimpy, what right does she have to dislike others?”
“If it wasn’t for Xiao Liu’s owner at Wenxuan, Xiao Liu would not dare to refuse. Otherwise, I will tell you, Xiao Liu probably still looks down on her.”
“It’s really kind to treat it as a donkey’s liver and lungs, and you don’t appreciate it if you take a big advantage, and the white-eyed wolf is nothing more than that.”
Han Yue was so angry that she cursed.
Han Yu on the side calmly said, “Okay, mom? Since my cousin doesn’t appreciate it, we won’t worry about it.”
“She’s willing to talk to a wimp, anyway, it’s his own suffering.”
“Heaven helps those who help themselves, my cousin is so good or bad, she is willing to fall, and no one can help him.”
“In the future, she will suffer.”
Han Yu smiled coldly, but it was full of sarcasm.
“It’s really a princess’ disease without the princess’s life. Xiao Liu is kind and honest, and she is not more than enough.”
“People haven’t disliked it yet, does she dislike it?”
“She deserves too?”
Han Yu was also very angry. Originally, Han Yu sent a WeChat message to their driver, Xiao Liu, asking him to come over at night to meet Qiu Mucheng and try a blind date first.
It’s all right now, Qiu Mucheng refused without saying anything.
“Yes, we are not human inside and out?”
“At night, when Xiao Liu comes, how can we tell them.”
Han Yu was also complaining.
“A Dou who doesn’t know the current affairs, doesn’t know the quality, and can’t help him.” Mo Wenxuan also snorted, his words extremely unhappy.
“It’s true that Mucheng did something wrong. You don’t know anything about politeness. Xiaoyu, Wen Xuan, don’t be angry with both of you. When the banquet is over, I will give her a good meal. Don’t worry, I will speak to her. I dare not listen.” The old lady Han comforted Xiang Han Yue’s family.
After speaking, the old lady Han looked at Qiu Mucheng’s leaving back, and snorted displeasedly: “This Qiu Mucheng is getting used to it now, and it’s getting more and more shameless. Anyone dared to stand up. “

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