A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 166

“Grandma, I can’t blame Sister Qiu. The driver’s conditions were not so good. He was still married and had a child. He couldn’t compare with my brother Yuhao.”
“My brother Yuhao is the prince of the Ten Billion Group. He is young and promising. He fell in love with Sister Qiu at first sight. Sister Qiu is also better than Hua Jiao, and she can’t marry a driver who drives other people. At a young age, he didn’t have any scruples about speaking, but he was still fighting for Qiu Mucheng.
“Feifei, don’t talk nonsense!” Han Hai glared at Han Feifei and motioned to her to shut up.
But it was obviously too late, and Han Yu was also angry this time: “Well, it is we who are passionate about ourselves, are we taking care of our own business?”
“Who is my sister Mucheng, who is so beautiful that she is more than enough to marry the mayor’s son. The driver of our family is humble, so can’t she be worthy of her?”
“Xiaoyu, don’t listen to your sister’s nonsense.” Han Hai explained quickly. After all, whether his son’s career can be promoted, he still has to count on the power of Mo Wenxuan’s family. Of course, Han Yu dare not offend him.
After that, Han Hai asked his daughter Han Feifei to apologize, and then the matter was revealed.
At this time, it was three poles in the sun, and it was almost noon.
Based on past experience, this time, the first group of guests is almost time to arrive.
At this time, the entrance of Han’s house had already been covered with a red carpet. In the hall, Han Hai and Han Yue’s family were also sitting there, quietly waiting for their guests to come.
Outside the hall, Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng were also sitting quietly. Remember to read in one second
Looking at the two of them, the Han Yu family suddenly sneered.
“Cousin ah, cousin, you really can’t support the wall with mud, you are willing to fall. You actually took the initiative to sit at the same table with that wimp.”
“Wait a moment, we are full of guests, and you are still lonely and widowed, how did you step down when I saw it?”
“When you face sweeping and embarrassed, I see if you still have the arrogance that you have just now!”
Han Yu smiled triumphantly, her face covered in cosmetics with a wanton smile.
Her mother, Han Yue, also had a proud look, looking at the table of Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng with disdain and sarcasm.
The family is looking forward to the next scene more and more.
“Xiaohe, I heard that you are working hard in the town, and you have small achievements. This time I am afraid that there will be more guests coming for you than my Wenxuan. Maybe the county magistrate will have to come to support you.” In previous years, Those who arrived first were the guests of Han Hai’s family. After all, their family lived in Jianghai.
Han He smiled modestly: “Sister-in-law said and laughed. I have a relatively shallow experience and lack of experience. I can’t have such a big face, I can’t compare with my Wen Xuan brother-in-law.”
Mo Wenxuan is the Young Patriarch of the Mo Family, and has begun to take charge of family affairs instead of his father in recent years.
The identity of the Young Patriarch of the Mo Family alone has already attracted many people. Last time, the guests who came to Mo Wenxuan to celebrate the birthday of the old lady had set up two large tables. What’s more, Mo Wenxuan now seems to inherit his father’s business and take full control of the Mo family.
Under this circumstance, everyone estimated that they were afraid that the guests who came to Mo Wenxuan this time would break the threshold.
Han Yue smiled proudly. The better her daughter married, the more face she would be a mother.
Han Yu was even more proud, looking forward to the next birthday banquet.
As for Mo Wenxuan, he still looks calm, but the proud smile on the corner of his mouth is pretending to be very forceful.
“Old lady Han, happy birthday~”
Finally, while everyone was talking, outside the Han’s old house, the first group of guests had already arrived.

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