A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 172

The neighbors outside are almost crazy with envy.
Old lady Han was also flushed with excitement at this time: “Okay, okay, okay~”
“Wen Xuan, give us the Han family with a long face~!”
Old lady Han was so excited that she said three good words in a row.
At this time, Lei Aoting and others had already stepped into the hall under the leadership of Mo Wenxuan. Seeing Mrs. Han, these people said hello immediately.
“Old lady, we are all friends of Wenxuan.”
“I learned about Wenxuan’s grandma’s birthday today, and we came here to celebrate your birthday!”
“Old lady, you have a niece, Wenxuan, you will wait to enjoy the blessing in the future.” Lei Aoting and others said haha, a lot of nonsense, but only one meaning.
They are here for Mo Wenxuan. If you don’t have the grandson-in-law of Mo Wenxuan, we wouldn’t be able to come all the way to congratulate you.
These words of Lei Aoting undoubtedly gave Mo Wenxuan a face. Remember to read in one second
The old lady Han was full of honor, and nodded repeatedly: “Yes, old lady, the most fortunate thing in my life is that I have the grandson-in-law of Wen Xuan~”
“Wen Xuan, is the pride of our Han family~”
The old lady Han also praised for a while. There is no doubt a sharp contrast with the reaction when Shen Fei praised Ye Fan just now.
Mo Wenxuan at this time is undoubtedly the most beautiful, Han Yu on the side is also full of arrogance and pride, and his vanity is also greatly satisfied at this moment.
Afterwards, Mo Wenxuan asked Han Yu to introduce Che Lei Aoting and the others to his relatives around him, and Han Yu also introduced Han Hai and Han He one by one, except that Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan were not introduced.
At this moment, Ye Fan and his wife seemed to have been forgotten. The hall was very lively, but in the courtyard, it was only Shen Fei who was drinking tea with them.
“Mom, Lei Shao’s father, but Lei San Ye. The leader of Jingzhou, in terms of identity and background, Lei Shao doesn’t know how many levels higher than the down-and-out second generation ancestor of the Shen family. Lei Shao is here to congratulate you personally now , Mom, you just have fun, right?”
Han Yue also kept boasting about her son-in-law at this time, and even took the opportunity to belittle Shen Fei, in order to highlight his son-in-law’s arrogance.
“Hahaha~ That’s natural. Wenxuan is my most proud grandson-in-law. As for the one outside, it’s just a waste of money. I’m annoyed when I see it.”
The old lady Han was also extremely satisfied with Mo Wenxuan at this time, and Mo Wenxuan did earn enough face for her this birthday banquet.
The princes of the Lei Group of Jingzhou have all arrived. Jiang Hai can’t have much of this face.
“Grandma, there are not enough chairs. Where there are chairs, I will move some.”
There were too many people, and the seats were already full, but Mo Wenxuan came over to ask Mrs. Xiang Han at this time.
The old lady Han did not speak yet, but Han Yue replied, “Wen Xuan, you sit there and chat with Master Lei and the others. How can you do this kind of dirty work, just let the son-in-law go. You can’t let him go in vain. Eat and drink.”
“Yes, you are right.” The old lady Han also nodded, and then stared at Ye Fan who was drinking tea comfortably outside, and said displeasedly, “That bastard, just eat there and don’t do any work. Han Yue , You go and let him bring some chairs in.”
Soon, Han Yue walked to the yard and looked at Ye Fan and the others who were still drinking tea and chatting, and laughed sarcastically: “Heh, we are busy greeting the guests inside, and your husband and wife are very leisurely. , This tea is so moisturizing.”
“Auntie.” Qiu Mucheng was surprised when she saw Han Yue coming, and then said hello politely.
Han Yue sneered, “Stop auntie, let your trash husband go to the warehouse and send in two chairs.”
Han Yue’s words were arrogant, as if he was instigating a servant.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t speak, Ye Fan was still bowing his head and tasting tea, while Shen Fei on the side was actually exploding.
“What is your identity, what is Brother Fan, you stinky lady, dare you let Brother Fan move a chair as a coolie?”
“What kind of thing are you?”
“Offended Brother Fan, want to die?!”
Shen Fei slapped the table, then stood up with a rub, and cursed coldly at Han Yue.
“You…what are you doing?”
Han Yue was shocked in an instant, thinking that Shen Fei was going to beat him, her face was pale, her whole body trembled, and she almost fell on the ground.

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