A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 178

“Where is the idiot? Still not letting go?”
“Give you a birthday, your eye can tell that Dong Chen is here to wish you a birthday?”
“A smelly old mother, do you deserve it too?”
At this time, Chen Qingquan’s accompanying bodyguard screamed, but even more so in the bewildering gaze of everyone, he directly pushed the old lady Han and others aside.
Mo Wenxuan was dumbfounded at the time, standing there dumbfounded.
The bodyguard slapped Mo Wenxuan away again.
“The wink thing is still in the way?”
After the bodyguards cleared the way, Chen Qingquan and others walked forward without seeing the old lady Han and others, and went straight to Ye Fan.
“Mr. Chu, let’s not be late.” Remember to read for a second
“This should be the respected wife, she is a perfect match for a celestial being.”
“This is our little heart, please accept it, Mrs. Zun.”
The majesty just disappeared. After seeing Ye Fan, Chen Qingquan and the others immediately bowed with respectful smiles and presented gifts to Qiu Mucheng.
Seeing the scene before him, the entire Han family house was silent.
Everyone stared at each other, Han Hai and his son, Han Feifei and others were already stunned.
“Again… is it for him again?”
“But… but this, this… how could this happen?”
Almost everyone was crazy, their mouths open and gasping.
They didn’t expect that even the heads of Jiucheng Holdings and Donghua Industrial would come to celebrate the birthday of Ye Fan and his wife.
“Te mother, this door-to-door son-in-law, is it going to be against the sky?”
Everyone was so scared to pee, they just thought it was incredible.
As for Mo Wenxuan and Han Yue’s mother and daughter, their faces were even more ugly at this time, and their dying hearts were all over.
Ye Fan’s face was slapped, and his family’s face was smashed.
Previously, Han Yue and her daughter were still complacent about the arrival of Chen Haisheng and others, and Mo Wenxuan was also beautiful, but then the rich and powerful came to worship Ye Fan and his wife.
Is Chen Haisheng the only son of the Chen family?
Is Liu Zhaoran awesome, the young master of the Liu family?
But now my fathers and uncles are here, they are juniors, no matter how awesome the background is!
Under such circumstances, it is completely one-sided sling!
Thinking of this, Mo Wenxuan, Han Yu and others have even turned red into pig’s hoofs, their faces flushed, ashamed and unbearable, but they no longer have the confidence and arrogance that despised Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng just now.
Just like a frosted eggplant.
“Han Hai, what’s the matter?”
“Didn’t they come from Wenxuan? Why didn’t they talk to Wenxuan, instead they went to worship the useless son-in-law?”
“Also, didn’t they come to congratulate me on my birthday? Why did they go to He Qiu Mucheng’s Nizi? Why did the gifts go to her?”
“Quickly, Han Hai, you go take those gifts in and take them to the hall.”
“Our Han family’s things can’t be cheap for that incompetent son-in-law!”
After all, she is getting old, and the old lady Han hasn’t turned her mind. Seeing that the guests ignored her and went to worship Ye Fan and his wife, the old lady Han was naturally anxious and urged Han Hai to let him take those Shouli moved here.
“Mom, can you shut up?”
“Have you not seen the situation clearly yet?”
“They didn’t come to your proud son-in-law Wen Xuan at all, let alone wish you birthday.”
“They came for Ye Fan, to celebrate Mucheng’s birthday.”
“What’s the matter with you~”
“Let me get it? You shameless, are you shameless?” Han Hai trembled with anger.

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