A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 179

Qiu Mucheng had already lost her mind. Looking at the big names in the Jiangdong rich list in front of them, and the precious treasures in her arms, Qiu Mucheng just felt dreamlike at this moment.
The brain buzzed and went blank, until now, she hadn’t figured out what was going on, her brows were panic, and she looked at all of this foolishly.
Could it be that these people really came for Ye Fan?
But how is this possible?
Even Qiu Mucheng couldn’t believe it at all. Before Shen Jiu’s e2a2d812 billion came to worship, Qiu Mucheng was surprised, but it was acceptable.
It was assumed that the Shen family owed Ye Fan the favor, so he paid it back today.
But what about Chen Qingquan? Where is Liu Biao?
These two people are the richest men who have been the richest man in Jingzhou!
No one knew how shocked Qiu Mucheng was at this time. Facing the gifts from Chen Qingquan and others, Qiu Mucheng almost didn’t even have the courage to refuse, but just sat there foolishly.
Shen Fei was also very proud at this time. In the end, he even pretended to be provocative to look at Chen Haisheng and Mo Wenxuan, who had been scornful and despised Ye Fan before, but were terrified like a dog.
At this time, Chen Haisheng and Liu Zhaoran saw that they were not doing well, but they had already ran to the door to sneak away. First URL m.
“Hey, don’t go?”
“Aren’t the two broad youngsters pretty awesome just now, what’s wrong now?”
Shen Fei walked over, stopped them, and then continued to ask.
“What, Shao Chen? Shao Liu?”
“Now, my brother Fan is still a country dick?”
“Now, my brother Fan is still humble and mean?”
Shen Fei smiled proudly and asked several times, only if the thunder rolled over, Chen Haisheng and Liu Zhaoran’s faces suddenly turned pale.
“Huh? Haisheng?”
“Why are you here?”
Chen Qingquan and Liu Biao were slightly surprised when they discovered that their son and nephew were also there.
“Alright, you all come here too.”
“Say hello to your husband with me!”
It seems that Chen Qingquan and Chen Qingquan also intend to introduce their son to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan put down his teacup and sneered: “Dong Chen, I think it’s fine. Young Master Ling said just now that I am a lowly status, a country dick, my status, where should I be worthy of two masters Chen and Liu? say hello?”
“Also, Dong Chen, Dong Liu, take your gifts back, too. I can’t stand it.”
Ye Fan sneered, Chen Qingquan and Liu Biao’s expressions changed immediately, and then they stared at Chen Haisheng and them.
“Nizi, what is going on?”
“Hurry up!”
Both Chen Haisheng and Liu Zhaoran were scared to pee at the time.
Chen Qingquan drank again.
Finally, under the majesty of their parents, Chen Haisheng and Liu Zhaoran, the two second generation ancestors, finally told the story.
As they listened, Chen Qingquan and Liu Biao’s expressions became more and more serious. When they heard the two of them forced Ye Fan to apologize, saying that Ye Fan was a farm turtle, Chen Qingquan was so angry that he walked over and kicked his son to the ground.
“You rebel, how many times Lao Tzu has said, don’t be with that trash boy from the Mo family, don’t you listen?”
“How is it now?”
“Do you know that you have caused a terrible disaster to Lao Tzu for the sake of a Mohist crap!”
Chen Qingquan was so furious, who was Ye Fan, that was the person that Lei Sanye fought hard.
The reason why they came today was because of the order of Lei Sanye, first to pave the way for Lei Sanye to come later, in order to let Ye Fan know of Lei Sanye’s sincerity in apologizing.

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