A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 180

But Chen Qingquan didn’t expect that the meticulous plan they had made for La Yefan’s favor would be disturbed by their own rebellious son.
“You beast, do you know that your behavior today will not only harm yourself, but even me, and even my entire Chen family, will be invincible because of you!”
Chen Qingquan’s words are by no means sensational.
His son offended Ye Fan, and he might accuse Lei San as his loyalty, abandon the car to protect him, and remove their Chen family from Jingzhou.
“You beast, beast~”
Not only Chen Qingquan, but Liu Biao was also extremely angry. He also walked over and beat his nephew Liu Zhaoran violently.
The two of them were really fighting, and after only a while, Chen Haisheng’s faces were covered with blood, and they couldn’t help crying for mercy on the ground.
“Animal, I can’t go over and ask Mr. Chu.”
“Also, from now on, if you let me know, you still have any contact with Mo Wenxuan, the trash boy of the Mo family, I will not only interrupt your dog legs, but also drive you out of the house. There will be no one in my family. This beast!”
Chen Qingquan was extremely angry.
Chen Haisheng and Liu Zhaoran naturally did not dare to disobey, and they repeatedly said that they would never deal with Mo Wenxuan’s wicked pen again. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Now Chen Haisheng two people undoubtedly hate Mo Wenxuan to death, if it weren’t for him, the two of them would not have been so violently beaten.
Mo Wenxuan’s face paled when he heard these words, and he staggered a few times before he almost fell on the ground.
He didn’t expect that in the eyes of his father’s generation, he was just a rubbish dude.
“Uncle Chen, Uncle Liu. Haisheng and the others are already grown-ups. It would be unkind for you to interfere in his life like this. Moreover, just for the sake of a door-to-door son-in-law, you beat them like this, and he is too demeaning. My son.”
Seeing his friend being beaten so violently, Lei Aoting, who had been silent all the time, stood up and spoke for Chen Haisheng and the others.
Both Chen Qingquan and Liu Biao were under his father Lei San’s hands, so Lei Aoting was not very afraid of them. After all, his father, but their master.
“Fucking, I just said where did my son’s courage, dare to disobey Mr. Chu. It turns out that you have to rely on.”
“Lei Aoting, as my uncle advises you, you’d better apologize to Mr. Chu immediately. Otherwise, you will suffer for a while.”
Chen Qingquan gave a warning, and then he took his son to Ye Fan, pleading and apologizing.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan didn’t feel embarrassed anymore and let them go.
“Nizi, don’t hurry up!”
Chen Qingquan and Liu Biao scolded. Chen Haisheng and the others hurriedly slipped away as if they were amnesty, and dared not stay here for a while.
However, before leaving, the two of them ran to the hall specially, took back the birthday gift that was given to the old lady Han, and gave them to Qiu Mucheng in public.
“Thanks… Mr. Xie Chu, Mrs. Xie, happy birthday.”
“Wish…Happy birthday~” The two Kuo youngsters were really shocked, and they were so scared that they were trembling when they spoke. After giving the gift, he slipped away without looking back, for fear that he would be beaten again.
Old lady Han’s old face was green with pig liver, and she was shaking with anger.
The gift originally given to her was finally taken back and given to Qiu Mucheng.
This undoubtedly gave the old lady Han an anger of being humiliated and despised.
“Unexpectedly, my old lady, who has spent her whole life, is not as good as a junior?”
The actions of Chen Haisheng and Mrs. Han are almost to death.
Especially when I saw that Chen Qingquan and others ignored them, but instead gathered around Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng to serve tea and pour water. It was her own birthday banquet, and all the limelight was robbed by others, and the anger in the old lady Han’s heart became more intense.

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