A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 181

“Dad, what’s the matter?”
“My cousin’s family, why do so many people come to join us with such a big face?”
“Is that Ye Fan, really a big shot?”
Ignoring the displeasure of the old lady Han, Han He was still puzzled by the scene before him.
“Huh, what a big shit, I think they have been stunned by the Qiu family.” Han Yue still found various excuses to belittle Ye Fan and his wife.
Before, the relationship between Han Yue and Qiu Mucheng and their family was not good, but now the Ye Fan and his wife have lost their family’s face. Han Yue naturally hates them even more, but at this moment they are trying their best to speak bad things about them in front of the old lady Han.
“Mom, I think that Ye Fan and his wife are here to humiliate you today?”
“Look at them for allowing so many guests to join in today, presumably my niece is not in a low status in the Qiu family. I am afraid that I can divide a lot of money in January.”
“But for your birthday banquet, they will give you a few catties of broken tea.”
“They don’t have you in their hearts and don’t put your old man in their eyes.”
“Furthermore, today is obviously your birthday banquet, but their husband and wife advertised that it is Qiu Mucheng’s birthday, so that so many people will celebrate her birthday.” Remember to read a book
“What does this mean? This is undoubtedly dissatisfied with your old man. I want to give it to you and give us the Han family’s power.”
“Let our family lose face in front of all the guests.”
Han Yue whispered.
The old lady Han also got more and more angry, and in the end she banged, and smashed the tea cups on the table to the ground.
“This Qiu Mucheng, Niu, Niu, you are inferior to a brute~”
“It’s so rebellious~”
Old lady Han was trembling with anger.
“That’s right, grandma. For this kind of unfilial person, you should let her kneel down and apologize for you!” Han Yu also interrupted.
However, Han Feifei defended Qiu Mucheng: “No, Sister Qiu is not such a person. Sister Qiu has always been filial. Ye Fan must be the bastard who encouraged Sister Qiu to do this.”
“Ye Fan is bold, he dare to fight Shengtian, there is nothing he can’t do, she must have encouraged sister Qiu to do it.” Han Feifei said loudly.
“Shengtian? Which Shengtian?”
Hearing this, Han Hai was taken aback, then turned his head and looked at his daughter solemnly.
“Just the Shengtian at Shengtian Restaurant?”
“You mean the boss of Shengtian Restaurant?”
“That son-in-law beat Shengtian?”
Han Hai’s eyes widened at the time, and his face turned pale.
“Han Hai, what’s the matter? Is this Shengtian background strong?” Seeing Han Hai’s expression, the old lady Han and others suddenly asked in confusion.
“No, it’s not only very strong, it’s so desperate!”
“Sheng Tian is Chen Tianjiao’s person, and Chen Tianjiao’s uncle is Jiangdong King, Chen Ao!”
what? ! !
Hearing the name of Chen Ao, everyone in the Han family was shocked.
Han He’s eyes widened, Han Yu’s face turned pale, even if Mo Wenxuan’s body trembled.
As for the old lady Han, she screamed out in shock?
“Shengtian, it turned out to be the proud master?”
“Beast, this beast.”
“Go, get me the beasts!”
“Asshole thing, proud master, do they dare to mess with it?”
Old lady Han was shocked and pierced, but shouted in anger.
At this time, Ye Fan and others were still chatting with Chen Jiuyi.
“Qiu Mucheng, Ye Fan, grandma let you in.” Han Yu walked over and said coldly.
Qiu Mucheng was stunned for a moment, and asked her grandma what did she tell them to do?
“If you are going to sit in the hall, you don’t have to. We are in the yard.” Qiu Mucheng obviously complained about her grandmother’s arrangement for Ye Fan and the others to eat out.
“Don’t ask why, if you still have grandma in your eyes, just go.” Han Yu turned around after saying this and left, returning to the Han family hall.
After all, Qiu Mucheng also followed in, and of course Ye Fan was also with him. He was worried that Qiu Mucheng would go there alone.
As for Chen Jiuyi and others, Ye Fan asked them to drink tea in the yard and wait.
“Beast, don’t kneel down yet!”
In the hall, Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan had just entered when the angry voice of Old Lady Han came.
“Grandma, I don’t understand?” Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was panic, and she looked at the old lady Han who was sitting up high in confusion.
“Don’t understand? I think you pretend not to understand.”
“Feifei already told us that your good husband beat Shengtian.”
“Do you still refuse to admit this matter?” Han Yue asked angrily.
Qiu Mucheng’s face immediately paled, and then she lowered her head.
“You are so brave!”
“Do you know what Shengtian’s background is? He is from Jiangdong King Chen Ao. If you provoke him, do you know how much disaster it will bring to our Han family?”
“Chen Ao can get your cousin from the position of mayor with just one sentence!”
“You don’t know whether you live or die, even Chen Ao’s people dare to fight?”

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