A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 190

After all, Chen Ao has spoken. The Han family is obviously finished in Jianghai.
In this case, who would dare to approach the Han family? Isn’t this looking for death?
In case they were implicated by the Han family, they would have nowhere to cry.
In a short time, all the guests in the hall were gone.
In a hall of the Han family in Nuo Da, only the Han family were left, their faces pale, and they stayed there with fear.
“Father, our Han family, is it really over?”
Han Feifei’s brows were flushed, almost eager to cry, apparently what happened just now also made Han Feifei panic.
No one spoke, and no answer.
As if Han Yu’s family had lost their souls, Han Hai also had a miserable face and lost consciousness.
As for the old lady Han, she was sitting there slumped like a walking dead.
After a long time, there was a long sigh. Remember to read in one second
“Xiaohai, am I really doing something wrong?”
No one felt that there was regret and sadness in the sigh of Old Lady Han.
Until now, the old lady Han finally knew, what kind of big man is the door-to-door son-in-law they looked down upon before?
Even the king of Jiangdong Chen Ao came to worship in person!
This class, if they don’t leave, the Han family is afraid they will become the No. 1 giant in the river.
However, it was just such a son of a true dragon, the talent of a unicorn who was forced away by their Han family.
Until now, the old lady Han didn’t know what kind of opportunity they missed today!
If they had known this earlier, they had killed Ye Fan before, and they would never offend Ye Fan.
“It’s mine who has eyes and no beads, which harmed the entire Han family~”
In the hall, the old lady Han sighed for a long time.
Not only her, Han Hai, Han Yu and others at this time were also full of regret.
Especially Han Hai, he finally understood why Ye Fan said that Jiang Hai was not worth mentioning in his eyes at the time, and why he said that as long as Qiu Mucheng was willing, the whole Jiangdong could give it to him.
At the time he thought he was just a teenager and arrogant, but now it seems that he is just telling the truth.
“Let Li Erye come to worship in person, and let Jiangdong King respectfully flatter you. Ye Fan, you really have the confidence to say these things.”
Han Hai shook his head and smiled b0ac6a8d, his old face was full of self-deprecation and bitterness.

“Mucheng, you and Chen Nan first stroll around casually. I will go in with Mr. Chen and the others to talk about things, and just come.”
At this time, Ye Fan had already arrived outside the Shengtian Restaurant.
Qiu Mucheng has been a little dumb and absent-minded up to now, obviously today’s events have also caused a big impact on him. So far he has not recovered.
“Nan Nan, take good care of Mrs. Chu. Never go on any business trips, I hear no.” Chen Ao also told his daughter at this time.
“Don’t worry, Dad, and Brother Ye Fan, don’t worry, I will take care of Sister Qiu.” After removing the pretense from the workplace, Chen Nan is nothing more than a 19-year-old young girl. With a smile, Qingli’s pretty face carries the youth and liveliness of this age.
“Ye Fan~”
However, when Ye Fan got out of the car and was about to go upstairs with Chen Ao and the others, Qiu Mucheng suddenly grabbed Ye Fan’s arm and looked straight at Ye Fan with her beautiful eyes. She looked frightened. Like a kitten, asked Xiang the ordinary man in front of him.
“Are you still Ye Fan?”

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