A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 197

However, when Qiu Muying was proud, Ye Fan, who was silent on the side, walked out at this moment.
“Grandpa, I don’t think this is right.”
“Since you have decided to hand over this item to Mucheng’s sole discretion, you should not restrict Mucheng’s power.”
“The cooperation with Hongqi Group is long-term and requires a strong person in charge. What’s more, grandpa, you don’t know, because the year before last, Mucheng revealed that my fourth uncle’s family was full of private pockets. . You let them cooperate, I feel very inappropriate.”
Ye Fan was advocating.
However, hearing Ye Fan’s words, Qiu Muying’s family’s complexion suddenly turned ugly.
Wang Qiaoyu even scolded Ye Fan in public: “You are a trash, our Qiu family is discussing matters, does this have your place?”
“Do you think it’s wrong? What kind of green onion are you, Mucheng didn’t say anything, what right do you have to interrupt here?”
Not only Wang Qiaoyu’s family, but even Qiu Mucheng’s parents scolded Ye Fan at this time.
“Damn, are you an idiot?”
“You shut up!” The first website m.
“If you want to die, don’t hurt my Mucheng.”
Han Li cursed, she was so angry that she couldn’t wait to kick her son-in-law to death.
Father Qiu finally reused his daughter. What if he angered the father because of his uselessness and angered him, and then removed his daughter’s position.
Father Qiu was also full of displeased eyes. He glared at Ye Fan and snorted angrily: “Asshole thing, if you want to stay in this house, you should put yourself in the right place. I don’t have the place for your son-in-law to interrupt in the affairs of my Qiu family .”
“This is my appointment to Mucheng. What does it matter to you? What qualifications do you have to make an argument in this class?”
However, in the face of Old Man Qiu’s sullen anger, Ye Fan was not afraid at all, and smiled calmly: “Grandpa, what I just said is not only my opinion, but also what Mucheng meant.”
“Right, Mucheng?”
Ye Fan looked at Qiu Mucheng on the side.
When everyone heard it, they all laughed, as if they had heard the funniest joke in the world.
“Returning Mucheng’s meaning, you are a waste, what qualifications do you mean to represent my daughter?”
“Mucheng, tell him that you obey your grandfather’s appointment.” Han Li sneered and sneered.
Wang Qiaoyu and others also looked at jokes.
“This Ye Fan is really an idiot.”
“A disgusting door-to-door son-in-law, really considers himself Mucheng’s husband?”
“If it weren’t for Grandpa’s order, Mucheng would marry you a poor dick?”
“Speaking of this now, nothing is different from taking humiliation!”
Everyone looked at Ye Fan, but they looked like an idiot.
After all, in the eyes of everyone, it is impossible for Qiu Mucheng to disobey Old Man Qiu for Ye Fan, let alone beat Old Man Qiu in public for him.
“Mucheng, speak, let him give up.”
“My granddaughter of Qiu Zhenglun, is it possible that he still doesn’t listen to me and listens to a wasteful remark?” The old man Qiu was also full of disdain, and his majestic and low voice immediately sounded, looking at Ye Fan with arrogance and Despise.
From beginning to end, Ye Fan had never been in the eyes of the Qiu family.
Now when Ye Fan stands on the opposite side of the Qiu family, naturally no one can help him say a word.
However, just when everyone thought that Qiu Mucheng would obey the father’s orders obediently, who could have thought that Qiu Mucheng was expressionless and coldly said, “Grandpa, Ye Fan’s words are exactly what I want to say. .”

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