A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 199

That night, Han Li Qiulei and his wife immediately found Qiu Mucheng after returning home and asked her what was going on.
“Mucheng, tell your mom, did the bastard Ye Fan force you to do something excessive on this trip to the sea?”
“So you smashed the jar, ready to live with him forever?”
“Otherwise, why did you obey him at the family dinner tonight?”
“What the trash says, you follow along.”
Han Li and his wife questioned Xiang Qiu Mucheng with serious faces.
Qiu Mucheng said helplessly: “What are you talking nonsense, what can Ye Fan do to me?”
“The reason why I agree with what Ye Fan said is because what he said really makes sense.”
“There’s a reason for a fart!” Han Li cursed irritably, “What else does he know besides causing trouble?”
“I thought you became the project leader, and we followed suit. Now it’s alright. You angered the old man, so don’t even think about getting it.”
In the room, Han Li looked like she hated her for not arguing with her misfortune. Remember to read in one second
Qiu Mucheng was speechless for a while: “Mom, it’s you who don’t understand anything. You don’t know what Qiu Muying’s character is. If I work with her, the project is done, and the credit is hers. The project is poor. Isn’t it your daughter and me that are in charge?”
“This kind of thankless thing to make wedding dresses for others, whoever loves ec3a66d0 to do it, I will not go anyway.”
Qiu Mucheng’s words undoubtedly awakened both Han Li and his wife.
“That’s what you said, the fourth oldest family has a bad stomach. Cooperating with their family, you can’t make a mess.”
“But in terms of the matter, Mucheng, I have to warn you, that scumbag is not worthy of you, and you will get a divorce sooner or later.”
“Pay attention to yourself, don’t get too deep in a trash. Especially pay attention to your own name.”
“Mom still expects you to marry a rich second-generation Guangzong Yaozu in the future?”
The Han Li and his wife seriously warned Qiu Mucheng. Qiu Mucheng had long been used to the snobbery of her parents, and was too lazy to argue with them, and went back to the room after eating.
But Ye Fan went out just now because of something, and he hasn’t come back yet.
Yunwu Lakeside.
Ye Fan leaned on the guardrail, looking at the mountains of Pinghu in front of him, but he was talking on the phone with a solemn expression: “Old Han, you mean, there is another action on the family side?”
“Yeah. According to the news I got, after the last defeat, the Third Young Master secretly sent someone to Jiangdong. Not surprisingly, it should be directed at you.” On the other side of the phone, there was a serious worry.
Although Jiang Hai’s assassination, Ye Fan passed steadily. But it also means that the next killer will be stronger.
“Can you find the identity and address of the other party?” Ye Fan frowned and asked in a deep voice.
“I’m afraid it is a bit difficult.” Old Han replied.
After the general killer acts, he will completely hide his identity and whereabouts. It is estimated that even the employer himself will not know where the other party is hiding now.
“Well, Old Han, I know.”
Ye Fan has hung up the phone, but the worry in his eyebrows has not disappeared.
He wasn’t worried about his safety. With his current strength, few people in China could see him. However, he was worried about Qiu Mucheng.
Many killers do everything they can to accomplish their goals. Just like last time, those assassins had already thought of using hostages to threaten Ye Fan. Ye Fan was worried that this time, in order to deal with himself, those people would once again attack the people around him.

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