A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 200

However, it is obvious that the information the other party has is not complete, he only knows that he is in Jiangdong, and has not grasped the detailed information. However, if I have been living in Qiu’s house like I am now, and often show up with Qiu Mucheng, it is inevitable that Qiu Mucheng will not be involved.
“It seems that I have to leave the Qiu family for a while before I find the killer.”
By the Yunwu Lake, Ye Fan stood alone for a long time. No one knows what the man is thinking about right now.
Ye Fan didn’t return home until late at night.
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng had already fallen asleep. Looking at the pretty face of the intoxicating woman who was sleeping, Ye Fan’s mouth was slowly raised, but his eyebrows were full of firmness: “I, Ye Fan will take care of this. It’s wonderful.”
Ye Fan walked over and helped Qiu Mucheng cover the quilt that she stared down, then got up and left, staying in the study all night.
The next day.
Father Qiu called and agreed to Qiu Mucheng’s request, letting him be solely responsible for the cooperation with the Red Flag Group, and Qiu Muying no longer participated.
“Mucheng, this is the Qiu family’s trust in you, I hope you don’t let down.” The Qiu family hall, Old Man Qiu and others looked at Qiu Mucheng and said earnestly.
Qiu Mucheng confidently replied: “Grandpa don’t worry. Mucheng will prove to you, like everyone in the Qiu family, that my Qiu Mucheng’s ability is not lost to anyone.”
At this moment, the corners of Qiu Mucheng’s mouth curled up, and her stunningly pretty face was confident, excited, and even more joyful in achieving her goal. First URL m.
For so many years, she has suffered humiliation in the Qiu family, but she has never left.
What she is waiting for is undoubtedly an opportunity to make a big splash like it is now!
Finally, after all the twists and turns, she finally waited for this opportunity.
“I will use facts to shut up people who have questioned or belittled me!”
In the Qiu family hall, Qiu Mucheng’s cold words sounded in the ears of the entire Qiu family.
The complexions of many people have changed.
Especially Qiu Muying’s family, they only felt that Qiu Mucheng’s remarks were being told to them, as if they were trying to give them power.
Qiu Muying couldn’t help it at the time and snorted coldly: “Qiu Mucheng, don’t talk too much. If you get a face slap in the future, it would be a shame.”
“After you make your score, it’s not too late to pretend to be here!”
After speaking, Qiu Muying sullen her face and left immediately.
The previous plan failed, obviously making Qiu Muying’s family very angry.
After returning home, Qiu Muying cursed her temper and complained to Chu Wenfei: “I rely on~”
“It’s a villain!”
“Husband, haven’t you seen Qiu Mucheng’s arrogant face? It’s as if the whole world was stepped on by her.”
“I really don’t know what she is so proud of as a useless wife. Isn’t she the person in charge of a broken project? Isn’t this young lady rare?”
Qiu Muying recalled the way Qiu Mucheng was just now, she was angry and jealous, and her heart was very upset.
“Okay, baby, don’t be angry. If she likes to do it, let her do it. We’re still free.”
“But I just can’t get used to Qiu Mucheng’s arrogant face. I really anger me!” Qiu Muying said angrily.
Chu Wenfei pulled Qiu Muying into his arms and comforted: “My dear, what is so angry about. Don’t worry, the face you lost today will be recovered by your husband at night.”
“Today is exactly one month after we have been married. To celebrate, we will be an affair in the evening and invite your uncle and grandfather to dinner. I will not invite Qiu Mucheng and his family.”
“The location is the last five-star hotel, Yunjing Hotel.”
“What Man Han banquet, Lafite red wine, just drink whatever you like. Mr. Chu has enough care!”
Chu Wenfei said boldly, very generous.
Anyway, Mr. Shen said before, as long as Mr. Chu’s place is free, he does not eat for nothing, and he can also show off his wealth and pretend to be forced. Why not?
“Hahaha, Mr. Xie Chu.”
“Husband, you are so nice.” Qiu Muying smiled immediately when she heard it, and even called her husband, Mr. Chu playfully.
Afterwards, Qiu Muying proudly sent a notice in the family WeChat group, asking everyone to come, but did not invite Qiu Mucheng’s family and deliberately embarrassed their family.

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