A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 3

Haiyuan Pavilion. As the most luxurious restaurant in Yunzhou City, outside, luxury cars are like clouds.
Those who can come here to eat are all the upper-class people in Yunzhou City, rich or expensive. Whose wedding and celebration, if you can put a few tables here, it is definitely something to brag about.
Just like the current Qiu’s engagement banquet, Qiu Muying’s fiance, Chu Wenfei, chose the location here and booked three private rooms in one fell swoop.
“I’ll go, Yingying, this fiance is amazing!”
“The ability to hold an engagement banquet in Haiyuan Pavilion is definitely not for ordinary people.” The people of the Qiu family admired one after another.
Qiu Muying raised her chin proudly, but she felt proud in her heart. Her mother Wang Qiaoyu also smiled, but she was still modestly talking about the general situation, not as good as the son-in-law of the fifth family.
Soon, everyone went outside the Haiyuan Pavilion.
At this time, a handsome young man in a black suit walked over and opened the car door smilingly: “Mom, Dad, Yingying, you are here. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Are you satisfied with this arrangement? “
“Satisfied and satisfied, Wen Fei, you are really interested.” Wang Qiaoyu liked the son-in-law in front of him as he watched him.
Although Chu Wenfei’s family is not a scholarly family like the son-in-law of the old five family, with power in their hands, at least they are also rich and wealthy.
These days, money is easy to do. What’s more, Chu Wenfei’s company is still engaged in real estate. Nobody in the world knows that real estate is the most profitable one. A good project can make hundreds of millions, which is much richer than Qiu’s. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“This guy, he looks good.”
“Lang Cai and female appearance, his fourth aunt, you have found a good son-in-law!”
The relatives around him were flattered again.
Only Qiu Mucheng’s family remained silent, feeling very uncomfortable.
“A few uncles and aunts, please stop standing and talk inside.” Chu Wenfei began to greet everyone into the restaurant.
However, at this time, one person ran over anxiously and whispered to Chu Wenfei: “Young Master Chu, it’s not good, something went wrong. There are not enough rooms. The front desk asks us to change one or come back another day.”
“What? My engagement banquet, let us come again another day? How dare he say it?” Chu Wenfei immediately exploded when he heard it, full of anger on his face.
People around were also suspicious when they saw this. Wang Qiaoyu asked worriedly: “Wen Fei, what’s wrong, is something wrong?”
Chu Wenfei waved his hand: “Mom, it’s okay. Your son-in-law is doing something even. Everyone can follow me in.”
When they arrived at the front desk, the Qiu family and his party were really stopped, saying that the private rooms were not enough, and they were asked to change one.
“Change your sister!”
“I have to book this private room tonight.”
“Where is your manager, let your manager come. I’m Chu Wenfei’s engagement banquet, who would dare not save face?” Chu Wenfei yelled angrily, scared the waiter hurriedly to the manager.
A few minutes later.
The waiter respectfully led Chu Wenfei and the Qiu family to the private room.
“Wow, Wen Fei, amazing!”
“The private room is coming soon.”
“Qiaoyu, your son-in-law must have a great future!”
“Yingying will be Mrs. Kuo in the future, enjoy the happiness.”
There was another round of flattery around. Wang Qiaoyu’s family almost smiled triumphantly. Qiu Muying even smiled happily while holding her fiancé’s arm, and said in a sweet voice, you are awesome, my husband. Laugh.
Chu Wenfei waved his hand indifferently at this time: “A few uncles, these are just trivial matters, not to be concerned. Moreover, the restaurant manager used to be a driver of my dad, so he dare not give my dad face. . So, if you want to say that it is great, my dad is great. I can’t. I am just a student and just graduated from university this year.”
Chu Wenfei pretends to be modest, but this pretends to give full marks.
This remark drew a lot of admiration from everyone.
“Being humble and not arrogant can make great things.”
“Yingying, in this life, you have found the right person!”
“Having this son-in-law, it is indeed my Qiu family’s blessing!”
At this time, at the wine table, the old man from the Qiu family who was sitting in the upper seat spoke. This evaluation undoubtedly made Chu Wenfei more proud, and the fourth family was also more glorious.
Everyone has a psychology of comparison, and the old man of the Qiu family is so complimented about the son-in-law of the fourth family, and the fifth family is naturally not happy.
“Dad, looking at what you said, Jiangyang is not bad. Our Qiu family has an accident. How many times are Jiangyang’s help to get through the difficulties? Without Jiangyang, our Qiu family is not today. “Qiu Lao Wu’s wife Ma Ling said suddenly.
The old man suddenly smiled: “Yes, Xiaoling is right. We in Qiu’s family today welcome new customers, but we must not forget the old ones. Jiangyang, this kid, I like it very much at first sight. Yang graduated from graduate school, whether he was in politics or business, his achievements were by no means inferior to his father. The Hong Hong of our Qiu family was also entrusted to the right person. He found a good son-in-law and did not shame the Qiu family.”
“In short, our Qiu family has four yellow-flowered girls. Except for the second child who was still in school at a young age, the other three girls now have their homes. These son-in-laws, except for someone, are the rest I am very satisfied.”
The old man was talking at the table. The old four and five families only felt that their faces were bright, and they were happy to bloom. Only Qiu Mucheng’s family bowed their heads and said nothing, shrinking there, for fear of being noticed. .
At this time, outside the private room, the restaurant manager’s phone rang suddenly. When I saw the caller ID, the manager was immediately happy, with flattering words, and humblely like a servant: “Second Lord, it’s done, it’s all done. Is the presidential private room always kept?”
“Just waiting for the big man to come.”
“What, do you want to clear the venue?”
“Stop it, this place is full of distinguished guests, with extraordinary identities…” Before the manager had finished speaking, the other party’s cursing came from the phone.
“I’m telling you, the one who came today is a big man. The hospitality is not good, and you lose not only your job, but also your life!”
There was a low roar from the other party on the phone, and then the phone hung up, leaving only a dull beep.
The restaurant manager stayed in place, his face turned pale with fright and cold sweat on his forehead.
“God… the big man?”
The restaurant manager shivered.
Afterwards, no longer dared to neglect, he directly ordered and the audience was cleared. Everyone, no matter what their status or background, and wherever they eat, must leave immediately.
However, everyone in the Qiu family in the private room is naturally not aware of all this. At the wine table, Qiu Muying and Qiu Muhong, two daughters of the Qiu family, were praised by the father for their husband, and they were all glorified.
“Where is the son-in-law from the third family?”
“Why didn’t you come?” At this time, I don’t know who asked. Only now, someone noticed that Ye Fan was not here.
“It is estimated that in front of Jiang Yang and Wen Fei, I feel inferior, afraid of embarrassment, feel embarrassed, and dare not come in by hiding outside?”
“Waste is waste~”
Everyone laughed.
Especially Qiu Muying and Qiu Muhong, they felt refreshed in their hearts, looking at the lowered and silent Qiu Mucheng with a victorious look.
Because of their beauty, Qiu Mucheng had robbed them of too much limelight since she was a child. So to this third sister, Qiu Muying and Qiu Muhong had long seen her displeased. They had been jealous of Qiu Mucheng since they were young, and targeted her intentionally or unconsciously.
But now, as the times are turning around, they have only pity and disdain for Qiu Mucheng.
“Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years.”
“Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, how can you look good?”
“Isn’t married a wimp!”
“Your wife is your husband. From now on, you are destined to be trampled underfoot by our sisters forever, and you will not be able to hold your head up in the Qiu family all your life.”
Qiu Muying and Qiu Muhong sneered in their hearts, their faces full of triumph.
“A delicious, lazy, worthless, wasteful, good day, why do you mention him?” At this time, the Qiu family drank in a deep voice, and no one dared to mention Ye Fan for a while. Afterwards, the Qiu family father continued to speak.

“In short, today, I Qiu Zhenglun is very happy. For our daughters of the Qiu family, I am happy to find son-in-laws like Jiang Yang and Wen Fei. These two sons-in-laws are the glory of our Qiu family.”
“Come on, this first cup, our Qiu family, respect these two good sons-in-law!”
Father Qiu’s first toast.
However, just as everyone stood up to raise their glasses, and the banquet was at its climax, the door of the private room was suddenly pushed open, and the waiter hurried in.
“Sir, your sister~”
“Who let you in? Didn’t you see us drinking again?” Chu Wenfei was furious, obviously angry at the waiter’s sudden intrusion.
The waiter was also a little annoyed. This guy was pretending to be addicted. He didn’t save him any face at all. He said directly: “Mr. Chu, I’m sorry, there is a guest here today. My Haiyuan Pavilion will be cleared immediately and please leave.”
Everyone trembled.
The waiter’s words were polite, but they only meant to let them go.
The wine glass that Chu Wen flew to his mouth was hanging in the air at the time, and his whole body was dazed.
your sister!
The engagement banquet has just reached its climax, and the mother-in-law and the old father-in-law are right in front of them. The wife’s mother-in-law has just had a drink. Nima hasn’t finished pretending, so are we going to drive us away?
Chu Wenfei almost exploded in his heart at the time. It would be a shame if Nima was swept out of the house after drinking halfway through the engagement banquet in front of all the relatives.
Chu Wenfei’s face was pale, and he felt ashamed of the sun in his heart, constantly scolding his mother.
Qiu Muying’s face was also not pretty: “Wen Fei, what’s the matter? Can’t we eat here?”
Chu Wenfei waved his hand: “It’s okay, Yingying. Little things, your husband can do it.”
“But sir, this is the order from above…”
“I’ll go to your mother’s order and tell your manager that I am Chu Yang’s son, Chu Wenfei. If you want to drive me out, you can, let him come in person!”
“I want to see if he has the courage!”
Chu Wenfei was really angry.
If he is swept out at the engagement banquet, why would he be shameless? Are all of my wife’s natal relatives there?
“Wen Fei, are you okay, how about we change one?” Qiu Guang, the boss of the Qiu family, worried.
“Uncle, it’s okay, continue to eat. This manager used to be my driver, he didn’t dare to drive us.”
“Yes, it’s okay. Everyone continues to eat. Wenfei’s family is not an ordinary person. He does this little thing.” Wang Qiaoyu also smiled and ended up. After all, today is the marriage of his fourth family. If it messes up, she has to follow. Shame.
Everyone in the Qiu family continued to eat, but in the face of Chu Wenfei’s request, the waiter had nothing to do. For fear of offending the son of some big man, he hurried to report to the manager.
“Manager, there is a guest who stayed with him and said that he is Chu Yang’s son, so he called to see you.”
“Fuck, you call me by name? Give him a face!” When the manager heard this, he exploded, “A little furry kid, really treats himself as a person and puts his nose on the face? Tell him, it’s today. He’s here, so get out!”
“I’m paralyzed, I have invited four of the directors to go out. A little bastard can’t cure him?”
“Through my instructions, if they don’t go away, they will let the security take a meal and throw them out directly. Have you heard?
The manager was obviously angry too. He was scolded by the manager just now. He was in a bad mood. Now a little boy who is still in school has sprinkled wild on his head. Why is he not angry?

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