A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 201

Liuyuan District, Yunzhou City.
“His dad, how about the daughter I gave birth?”
“I knew that our Mucheng is definitely not something in the pool.”
“Now that all the hardship has come, I finally turned over and became the master.”
“The power is in control, and one person is in charge of the entire big project. In the future, our family’s good days have finally arrived.
After learning that Qiu Muying was kicked out of the project department and that her daughter was solely responsible for the cooperation with Hongqihe Group, Han Li was very happy at this time.
Repeatedly said that tonight must be celebrated.
Qiulei also echoed: “Haha, that’s right, we must celebrate the promotion and salary increase of our Mucheng. In the evening, our family of three will go out of the restaurant. I didn’t expect that my third child, Qiu, can be proud of my own daughter. Once. I see the Qiu family in the future, who else will look down on us?”
Qiulei was also happy for a while.
Now that Qiu Mucheng is in an important position, and the projects she is responsible for are vital to the life and death of the Qiu family, one can imagine how important it is. My own daughter is now being reused by my father, and Qiulei and his wife are of course also proud. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
But Han Li on the side heard Qiulei’s words on a whim: “Since you want to celebrate, let’s put on a big show. Let your relatives who looked down upon us come and have a look, especially the fourth family. Suppress their vigor.”
“Huh? Mom, what the hell are you doing?” Qiu Mucheng on the side, while looking at the company documents, put a toothpick in the fruit. Hearing what his parents said, he asked helplessly.
“Mucheng, don’t worry about it. Mom won’t hurt you.” Han Li smiled, Dang even picked up the phone and sent a ten yuan red envelope to the WeChat group.
Immediately afterwards, a group of people exploded, all of them idle and fine old ladies.
“Yeah, ten yuan?”
“Her third aunt, it’s rare? You even sent a ten-dollar bag, didn’t you always send it one piece at a time?”
At this time, Qiu Mucheng’s second aunt Jiang Hong was speaking back in the group, but anyone with a discerning eye could see this was irony.
Han Li: “Haha, yes, after all, my family Mucheng has been promoted, and we have to improve our position as a mother.”
“In the evening, everyone will come to the food city on Liuyuan South Road to have barbecue. Our family invites you.”
“To celebrate Mucheng’s rise, everyone will definitely come.”
After Han Li finished speaking, she immediately sent a series of smug smiles.
Hearing the reception of Han Li’s family, the group suddenly became lively.
“It’s rare for her third aunt to be generous, and we will definitely join in.”
“I knew that Mucheng, this child, will have a great future in the future.”
“In the future, our Qiu family will count on Mucheng to make us rich.” The second aunt Jiang Hong and the others joined in the group, continuously congratulating.
Although the entire Qiu family didn’t want to see Qiu Mucheng’s family before, at that time, like Han Li and his wife, they were not reasonable in the family group. But now that Qiu Mucheng has been promoted, these relatives naturally have to cheer for the face of Qiu Mucheng, and even take the initiative to speak.
What’s more, there are people who treat guests to a barbecue. If you don’t go for nothing, you won’t be a bitch.
“Thanks everyone.”
“When Mucheng has made a lot of money, I will ask your relatives to eat better.”
At this moment, Han Li was smiling while typing, and it was the first time he felt the feeling of being a hostess as a host, and only felt that the spring breeze was very proud.
However, Han Li had just finished talking here, and suddenly, five red envelopes were sent out directly.
“A hundred bags!”
“Five in a row!”
“Who is Mrs. Chu?”
“I want to hold my thigh!”
After brushing five hundred bags in a row, the group suddenly exploded, and those juniors shouted to hold their thighs.

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