A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 202

At this time, the group of people who noted as “Mrs. Chu” spoke.
“Uncles and aunts, today is the anniversary of my marriage to Wen Fei in January.”
“At Yunjing Hotel at night, full seats for Man and Han, enough for Lafite and Moutai.”
“Everyone remember to come.”
After speaking, the “Mrs. Chu” @ again all the relatives in the group, except for the @秋沐橙 family.
From the beginning to the end, Madam Chu didn’t make a single expression, and she faintly sent words to pretend to be in the group.
When everyone saw it, they were surprised and happy.
“It turned out to be Yingying, how did you change the remarks?”
“The shot is so bold and generous, who else is Yingying, the big beauty of our Qiu family?”
“I’m going, Yunjing Hotel? A five-star hotel?”
“The top hotel next to Haiyuan Pavilion!” Remember to read in one second
“Lafite Moutai still manages enough?”
“Our niece is rich!”
“The rich lady!”
“It’s good to marry a good husband~”
“Sister Yingying, I want to hug my thigh~”
The entire WeChat group had already exploded at this time. Almost the entire Qiu family was cheering and admiring, and some people even brushed a few thumbs up expressions on their faces.
“Yingying, rest assured, the uncles will definitely join in.”
“It must be at night.”
“The next generation of our Qiu family has to count on Yingying.”
“Look at people, you are a five-star hotel, Moutai wine.”
“I don’t want a certain family member to pretend to be extravagant if they don’t have money. Red envelopes are issued for ten yuan. The dinner or the barbecue at the stall? You don’t think it is dirty. Are we afraid of getting sick?”
“This family is in this situation, what else can it have? It’s climbing now, and it will hurt more in the future.” The second aunt Jiang Hong, who was just about Qiu Mucheng’s promise just now, was insinuating in the group sneer.
Others also followed suit. You ridiculed Qiu Mucheng’s family every word, and comforted Qiu Muying, saying that Qiu Mucheng must not do well in this project. Sooner or later, you will be responsible for it. It’s all you.
All the relatives in the group flattered Qiu Muying every word. At this time, Han Li was still sending messages, saying that you said you should come and celebrate with Mucheng. Why did you change your mind?
However, no one cares about Han Li’s hug
Resent, the people in the family group ignored it directly, and still spared no effort to praise Qiu Muying, talking about her goodness, and taking the opportunity to belittle Xia Mucheng.
“Qiuluo, look at your relatives, they are just a group of snobs, they’re all over the wall~”
“It was just a face, now it’s another face.”
“Isn’t it just a bit bad money?”
“There is also a four-year-old Qiu’s family who has a fart banquet after one month of marriage. She deliberately humiliated us.”
“I’m so mad~”
In the room, looking at the speeches in the WeChat group, Han Li was almost to death.
Qiulei was also full of anger, only thinking that Qiu Muying and his family were deliberately on their faces.
“Hmph, whether they love it or not, we eat ours.” Qiulei said angrily.
However, Han Li shook his head and thought about it for a while and said: “That’s not good, I haven’t eaten the Man Han Feast, and there are tens of thousands of bottles of red wine I want to drink.”
Qiulei was stunned: “What do you mean?”
Han Li ignored him, and then continued to speak in the WeChat group: “Yingying, congratulations. Our family and Mucheng will definitely join you in the evening.”
“Huh? His third aunt, didn’t you go to celebrate your daughter in the evening, so busy, I think your house should not come.” Han’s cheeky look also looked at everyone in the group.
“It’s okay, we won’t be okay if we celebrate another day.” Han Li gave a smirk.
At this time, Mrs. Chu spoke again: “Auntie San, I’m so sorry, you said it’s late. We have already booked the seats just now, and it’s the right person. There is no seat for your family.”
“Or three aunts, you’d better go to the roadside stall for barbecue. My husband will reimburse you after eating. Anyway, my sister Mucheng is used to eating the food at the roadside stall. She can’t eat the delicacies of the mountains and seas at the Man Han Banquet. Not to your appetite.”
After “Mrs. Chu” finished speaking, the WeChat group was filled with laughter, and the rest of the Qiu family agreed.
“Yingying is right, her third aunt, you should go to the roadside stall with Mucheng.”
“Cloudview Hotel is not for you~”
In the villa, after sending the news, Qiu Muying suddenly saw a smug sneer on the corners of her mouth as she watched the news from the WeChat group.
“Qiu Mucheng, fight with this lady, I will make your family face disgraced!”

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