A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 203

Liuyuan District.
In the room, Han Li and his wife were almost mad.
The old face was flushed, and Qiu Muying’s words undoubtedly made their family face disgraced.
“Blame you, blame you for being useless.”
“If it weren’t for nothing, how could our family be so humiliated.”
After getting angry in the WeChat group, Han Li scattered all her embarrassment and humiliation at home, making it noisy and noisy towards Qiulei.
So Qiu Mucheng, who had already returned to the bedroom, was also disturbed.
“Mom, what are you arguing about again? Can you be quiet, I’m still working?” Now that the office belonging to her in the company has not been cleaned up, Qiu Mucheng can only handle company affairs at home in the past two days. .
“Watch the WeChat group for yourself.”
“Your cousin Qiu Muying is simply not a thing.” Han Li was trembling all over, cursing viciously.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t know what was going on, so she picked up her phone and opened WeChat, and then she saw 99+ news in the family group. First URL m.
Qiu Mucheng looked at it one by one. After seeing Qiu Muying’s humiliation to herself and the people in the Qiu family’s depreciation of herself, Qiu Mucheng’s expression had undoubtedly become difficult to look at, and her heart was angry and angry.
“Mom, what can you do!”
“Who asked you to invite them to dinner?”
“Have you asked me to agree?”
“It’s all right now, it’s embarrassing to the entire Qiu family.”
“The little dignity that your daughter finally earned back is all lost by you!”
“From now on, I don’t have to worry about you!”
Qiu Mucheng was so angry that she shouted at Han Li with red eyes.
She was not only angry at Qiu’s family snobbery, but also at her mother.
She just wanted to be in the limelight, but Qiu Mucheng didn’t expect that her mother turned her head halfway, and ran to kneel and lick Qiu Muying, licking her face to eat and drink, the key to her own name?
“Can you be ashamed, don’t take me!”
Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to stay at home for a moment, she was fed up with it, and Qiu’s family was ugly to her, and her mother was not upset and embarrassed her.
If it weren’t for Han Li’s desire to show off, how could they lose their face today?
“Look at your good daughter!”
“Do you blame me?”
“She married a waste of money and hurt our family. What right does she have to yell at me?”
Han Li’s angry curses came from behind.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to listen anymore, closed the door with a bang, and left with red and swollen eyes.
This kind of parents, this kind of family, she is really enough.
Sometimes, Qiu Mucheng really wanted to leave this home, a home where quarrels were all complaints.
Even during those few days in Jianghai, Qiu Mucheng felt easier than staying at home.
However, she couldn’t do it after all.
No matter how bad Han Li is, no matter how good she is, she will ultimately be her own mother.
How could she ignore the grace of birth.
“Mucheng, what’s the matter?”
As soon as Qiu Mucheng came downstairs, she ran into Ye Fan who had returned.
In the past, Ye Fan was rarely at home, and Qiu Mucheng had to go to work, but after Ye Fan finished the housework, he went to stay outside by himself, waiting for Qiu Mucheng to get off work.
Some people can’t afford it, but he can still hide.
At this moment, Ye Fan couldn’t help but wonder when he saw Qiu Mucheng’s red eyes.
Qiu Mucheng rubbed her eyes, and said lightly, “It’s okay, Sand has lost her eyes.”
In that family group, there is no Ye Fan at all. Therefore, Ye Fan didn’t know anything about the group.

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