A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 210

“Okay, this is a good idea!” Everyone was also smiling.
“By the way, Wen Fei, aren’t you going to check out?” Jiang Hong suddenly wondered when he saw Chu Wenfei passing by the front desk, but he didn’t seem to check out at all.
When Qiu Muying heard this, she suddenly raised her pretty face and became arrogant: “Second Auntie, you don’t know that. The big boss of this hotel, Shen Jiuyi, calls my husband Mr. Chu. Mr. Chu is here for dinner. It’s to give them hotel face. It’s good if they don’t give us money. Why should we give them money?”
Chu Wenfei lighted a cigarette at this time, pretended to take a sip, and then said with an arrogant smile: “Yes, second aunt. I eat here, all orders are free. President Shen personally ordered last time. , Who would dare to charge me at this hotel?!”
When everyone heard it, they were even more shocked. I thought that in the future, I would have to treat the fourth family a little more respectfully, and let Shen Jiuyi personally order all meals to be waived. What a big character and a strong background.
However, when everyone was complimenting, Manager Wang at the front desk came over and greeted politely: “How many uncles and Mr. Chu, are you satisfied?”
“Satisfied, satisfied.”
“Unexpectedly, the manager would come to deliver it in person. This Wenfei’s face is great.” When everyone saw Manager Wang personally greet him, they respected Chu Wenfei even more.
“Well, Manager Wang, you are here.” Chu Wen said in a deep voice with a big arrogance, an old-fashioned tone, “I am very satisfied with today’s dinner. But the only dissatisfaction is the entrance of your hotel. The security guard of the VIP channel, who didn’t know the nobles, refused to let me in. I think it’s better to change to a few people with long eyes.”
Manager Wang nodded and laughed, but he was speechless for a while.
I thought that VIP channel is not someone like you qualified to enter, this guy probably really considers himself someone. But if it wasn’t for Ye Fan’s face, with his pretending tone of arrogance, Manager Wang would have slapped him. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
But Manager Wang still replied in a good voice: “Thank you Mr. Chu for the suggestion, we will consider it.”
“If there are no other questions, then come here to settle the bill.”
Chu Wenfei’s eyes twitched at the time, and his face immediately sank.
Jiang Hong and others were also taken aback.
What’s the situation?
Didn’t Chu Wenfei just say that he will be exempt from meals?
Why is this going to be slapped right after talking?
“Manager Wang, what did you just say? I’ll give you another chance to organize language.” Chu Wenfei was very unhappy, his face gloomy.
Manager Wang was dumbfounded, and didn’t know what he said wrong: “It’s just check out, don’t you have to check out after dinner?”
“Presumptuous! You, a small manager, dare to let my husband check out? Your bosses dare not.”
“I don’t think you know who my husband is. My husband is Chu Wenfei, and Shen Jiuyi must call Mr. Chu respectfully.” Qiu Muying scolded angrily.
Manager Wang was stunned. Qiu Muying thought that Manager Wang was scared, and continued to hold her hands and grinned and said, “You know what happened, you humble fellow, don’t apologize to my husband.”
“You mother!” Manager Wang was obviously also angry, slapped Qiu Muying’s face directly, cursing mixedly.
“Give it back to your husband? Your husband is a shit!”
“You are still the first to go wild in the Yunjing Hotel.”
“In a society under the rule of law, can’t you still want to eat the king’s meal?”
“This manager is very busy and doesn’t bother to talk nonsense with you. Either check out the money or call the police.”
“Do you figure it out by yourself?”
“A bunch of clowns can’t cure you anymore?”
While speaking, Manager Wang waved his hand immediately, and a dozen security guards hulala ran over, blocking the door.

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