A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 213

Of course, those who sell cars and houses can definitely make up enough.
But obviously, no one wants to do that.
The Qiu family didn’t even want to take a dime.
“Yes, you said you want to treat, why should we take the money?”
“Just now, the bragging was so loud, it turned out to be so loud!”
“No money to play a big tail wolf here?!”
“It made our family ashamed of you here.”
In front of money, these relatives of the Qiu family undoubtedly showed ugly faces, and undoubtedly no longer had the respect and politeness they had for Chu Wenfei family.
Especially the second aunt Jiang Hong, who had been the most active in courting Chu Wenfei just now, now she has the loudest voice when she curses Chu Wenfei.
“Whoever treats, who takes the money.”
“Let’s share the money and dream!” Jiang Hong said absolutely. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
With her husband on one side and her relatives on the other, Qiu Muying was immediately embarrassed.
However, Qiu Muying thought about it, and she persuaded Chu Wenfei: “Wen Fei, let’s just make it up to three million. If you don’t have so much, you can ask your dad for it. Tonight, this dinner will be final. We did it, let my uncle follow along to spread the money, how will I behave in my family in the future!”
When Chu Wenfei heard this, he was impatient!
“Still looking for my dad, why don’t you find your dad?”
“You stinky girl, you still think about your face so much now!”
“I should have listened to my dad, and shouldn’t marry your idiot!”
Chu Wenfei was really angry. Now, Qiu Muying’s first thought is still face, or her own vanity.
Tell him to call his dad? She is so embarrassed!
“Yes, I don’t want to spread the money, right. Then use it.”
Chu Wenfei didn’t know if he was drinking too much or something. In angrily, he thought about breaking the can and falling into it.
“Oh, isn’t this the second aunt and the elder uncle?”
“This is a good dinner, why is 208af441 still arguing?”
At this time, a chuckle came from behind.
I saw Ye Fan and his wife walked out after eating.
“You silly, shut up!”
The Qiu family was getting angry. Hearing what Ye Fan said, they cursed directly without even seeing it.
As for the fact that you can’t pay for meals, no one naturally said, isn’t it shameful?
“Huh, what are you so proud of?”
“When you pay the money later, do you still smile?” Jiang Hong and others coldly snorted.
However, just as the Qiu family was waiting for Ye Fan and his wife to be as embarrassed as they were, who ever thought that Ye Fan and the others didn’t even look at the checkout counter and left. Even Manager Wang respectfully opened the door for them, and said with a smile on his face to walk slowly.
“What’s the situation?”
“Are you blind? Didn’t you see that dick didn’t pay?” Qiu Muying said angrily.
Manager Wang replied with a smile, “They don’t have to pay.”
“Are you idiots?”
“Why not let them pay!” Qiu Muying was angry at that time.
Everyone in the Qiu family was also very angry, only feeling unbalanced in their hearts.
There is no need to pay if a dick comes here to eat.
And they were detained instead?
“Mr. Xu!”
When the Qiu family was angry, Xu Lei had already walked downstairs. The charming figure and noble temperament attracted everyone’s attention when she appeared.
Manager Wang hurried forward to say hello.
Xu Lei nodded, and then passed in the direction where Ye Fan and the others left.
Seeing Xu Lei, Qiu Muying and others, as if they had caught the last straw, they hurried forward: “Mr. Xu, we are from the Qiushui Group, the group that will work with you. We are in trouble, you see. Can you tell the manager and ask the manager to give us a free bill.”

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