A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 214

Qiu Muying chased after Wang Qiaoyu and the others, but Xu Lei didn’t even look at them from beginning to end.
“Okay, stop dreaming.”
“What status do you guys still want to talk to President Xu?”
“Can you take the money?”
“If you don’t pay the money, I will call the police.” Manager Wang was impatient and gave them an ultimatum.
As for Ye Fan, he had already returned home with Qiu Mucheng, and he didn’t know that the Qiu family had been detained by Yunjing Restaurant.
“Mucheng, I haven’t been home for a long time. I will go back to see my mother tomorrow.” After arriving home, Ye Fan suddenly said to Qiu Mucheng.
“When will you be back?” Qiu Mucheng asked.
“May have to live for a while.”
“Yeah.” Qiu Mucheng nodded, and didn’t ask much.
After all, since becoming the door-to-door son-in-law, Ye Fan did not go back to see his mother for a long time. Now that Ye Fan suddenly wanted to go back, Qiu Mucheng didn’t stop him either. Remember to read in one second
He turned around and returned to the bedroom.
The look of indifference, like Ye Fan’s mother, has nothing to do with her.
When Ye Fan saw this, he shook his head, a little disappointed, and turned to go to the study.
“Ye Fan, I will leave early for work tomorrow, so go to the station by yourself. These are some nourishment for your body. Take it with you when you leave.”
At this time, Qiu Mucheng brought out two boxes of nutritional products from the bedroom and handed them to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan’s originally slightly lost face suddenly smiled: “I am for our mother, thank you my daughter-in-law from the Ye family.”
“Who will give you my mother?” Listening to Ye Fan’s unpretentious laugh, Qiu Mucheng’s beautiful eyes suddenly gave Ye Fan a fierce look, as if a little embarrassed, she put down her things and walked back to the room and closed the door.
In the bedroom, Qiu Mucheng touched her blushing pretty face. For so many years, until Ye Fan mentioned it, Qiu Mucheng didn’t realize that she was already a daughter-in-law of someone else’s family.
The feeling of suddenly having a pair of parents obviously made this young lady of the Qiu family feel weird.
“It’s been so long, but I haven’t seen his mother yet.”
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng felt a little guilty inexplicably.
In the past three years, my wife is indeed too incompetent.
“No, when am I his wife?”
“I’m the woman who will divorce him in the future!”
At this time, Qiu Mucheng hummed like a child.
Even now, Qiu Mucheng still persisted in her last pride.
It seemed that Qiu Mucheng today still didn’t dare to face the reality that she was about to be completely conquered by Ye Fan.
The next day, shortly after Qiu Mucheng went to the company, Ye Fan finished cleaning the housework, and went downstairs with the garbage.
Downstairs in the community, Xu Lei had been waiting there early.
Seeing Ye Fan coming downstairs carrying the trash, Xu Lei immediately chuckled, “Mr. Chu is really a good man who cares for the family. It must be very happy to be your wife.”
Ye Fan smiled back: “Yeah, I think so too. But it’s a pity, you have no chance, only envy.”
But Xu Lei was not angry either, she still smiled faintly: “That’s not necessarily. I am still very confident in my charm.”
“Really? Let’s just wait and see.” Ye Fan got into Xu Lei’s car after throwing out the garbage.
“Has the house been found?”
“Don’t worry, everything is done. According to your request, a single-family villa in the outskirts of Yunzhou City, quiet and quiet, mainly because it is far away from here.” Xu Lei replied.
“Well, then take me over.”
Ye Fan was expressionless, watching the phoenix trees by the roadside quickly passing by, but he whispered in his heart.
“Mucheng, for your safety, I can only leave you temporarily for a while.”
The wheels were speeding, and the black Mercedes Benz carried Ye Fan to tear the canopy and quickly went away.
In the east, the sun rises, the huge sun wheel dyes the sky red!
The old mansion of the Qiu family, the old man Qiu who woke up at night, found that the old mansion was a lot empty.
In order to take care of Mr. Qiu and facilitate the negotiation of the company, the eldest and second family of the Qiu family live in the old house.
“Autumn light?”
“These one by one, where did everyone go?”
Mr. Qiu’s voice was almost broken, and no one in Nuo Da’s courtyard answered.
At this time, Father Qiu’s cell phone rang, and he immediately pressed the connection button.
In the next second, the old man’s old face went white immediately, trembling all over, and said in panic.
“You…what did you say?”
“Are you all taken to the police station?”
The old man was dumbfounded.

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