A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 215

Last night Chu Wenfei and the Qiu family ate so much meal at Yunjing Hotel, and the money was not available. Of course, Yunjing Hotel called the police.
Almost the entire Qiu family was served in one pot, and they were all taken into the police station.
The Shen family is not small in Yunzhou, and it is the celebrity in front of Li Erye. There are naturally people in the police station.
In short, the police officer in charge of this case told Qiu Guang and others that they didn’t have enough money and waited to go to jail.
The Qiu family obviously panicked too. Chu Wenfei didn’t take the money, and they had to turn to the old man for help.
“A group of embarrassing guys, can you get into the game even with a meal?”
“Say, how much money I will send to others.”
“Spread your stuff, my old face Qiu Zhenglun was also lost by you.” Old man Qiu was shaking with anger.
While talking, he went back to the room and took the money.
“More than three million!” After hearing the number, Old Man Qiu was completely stunned, and his old face suddenly turned green. The whole was so angry that it was almost full of smoke. First URL m.
“A meal, did you eat three million?”
“Beast, are you a beast?”
“You can’t eat any beasts!”
“It’s also blamed Wen Fei for not paying for it. Isn’t it a bad idea? He spent three million just to buy you animals.”
“You don’t want me to be taken advantage of.”
“You shameful things, just stay inside, it’s better to wait a few years.”
“The stupid thing I did is not enough to pit Wenfei, so I want to pit me and let me pay you this money?”
“Be your dog dream!”
Father Qiu was obviously mad, his old face was shaking.
He did not expect that he had been wise all his life, and in the end Te Niang gave birth to such a bunch of trash!
“If Wen Fei is rich, he will work hard.”
“Now that I’m annoyed by others, I’ve set up a stall, deserve it!”
“I didn’t have money to eat and I was arrested by the police. How come my Qiu family has such a shameful group of things.”
In the empty old house, Old Man Qiu was shaking all over with anger. He only felt that the face he had accumulated throughout his life had completely lost this group of waste.
In the end, the old man Qiu naturally didn’t care about their mess. If the money was little, it would be more than three million. Could it be that Qiu Zhenglun still sold the old house of the Qiu family for this group of beasts?
Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng’s family didn’t know about the Qiu family. Ye Fan only knew that the Qiu family went to the Yunjing Hotel to have a meal last night and spent a lot of money, but he didn’t know that in the end, these strange flowers were sent to the police station after seeing too much money.
But if Qiu Mucheng’s parents knew about this, they would laugh to death.
It’s so obvious that the retribution is unhappy!
At this time, Ye Fan was still in Xu Lei’s car, ready to go to his next residence in 4b34e852.
“Mr. Chu, do you have time? Do you want me to take you to the Yunwu Lake first, and it will not be too late to return to the villa to rest in the evening. The scenery of Yunzhou is still very good.” Inside the car, Ye Fan said Nothing, just sitting quietly and driving behind, with his eyebrows slightly closed, as if he was taking a nap, but Xu Lei was the first to break the silence.
“No, I don’t have time, go directly to Yunjiao Villa.” Ye Fan replied directly.
Xu Lei was slightly disappointed, but gave a hmm.
However, at this moment, Ye Fan’s cell phone rang and Qiu Mucheng called.
“Have you left? Is there still time? If you have any, come to the company.” Qiu Mucheng’s faint voice came from the phone.
Ye Fan suddenly put on a smile, and quickly said: “When I have time, I have time. I’ll be there.”

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