A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 216

Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Xu Lei in front was almost furious.
This guy seemed to be ignorant of himself, and he was so enthusiastic and positive about Qiu Mucheng: “Aren’t you running out of time?”
Xu Lei’s words were a bit angry. Some women, when angry, are so charming.
Ye Fan gave a wry smile: “There is still some squeeze.”
“Well, in that case, you can squeeze more time.”
While speaking, Xu Lei stopped immediately and threw Ye Fan on the road again.
“It’s not an hour from here to your wife’s company. Anyway, there is a squeeze in time. It’s not bad for an hour.”
“Also, here are the keys, and the address of the house has been sent to your mobile phone. Go by yourself, this lady won’t accompany you.”
“Don’t find me if you have anything in the future, this lady is very busy.”
After Xu Lei finished talking, Xuan even drove away. Only Ye Fan was left alone.
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Ye Fan was also helpless.
In fact, it wasn’t that Ye Fan wanted to trouble Xu Lei, but Qiu Mucheng talked to her about cooperation last night. Ye Fan found an opportunity and asked her to do herself a little favor.
It is undoubtedly the most convenient thing to find Xu Lei for this kind of spending.
But recalling what happened just now, Ye Fan suddenly felt a bit sorry for Xu Lei.
After all, a character like this kind of star holding the moon must have a good face. The way Ye Fan was just now undoubtedly made Xu Lei a bit embarrassed.
“Forget it, it’s a big deal that I will apologize next time I see you, it’s important to find a wife.” Ye Fan didn’t delay any longer, so he quickly found a taxi.
When he arrived downstairs in the company, Ye Fan found that Qiu Mucheng had already been waiting there.
At this moment, she was carrying something in her hand, and the packaging was very delicate. Beside her, there was a beautifully dressed woman.
The two women stood there and immediately attracted the attention of countless passersby around.
Wherever the beauties go, they are undoubtedly eye-catching existences, not to mention two of them at once, both of them are slender and handsome, and they naturally turn their heads back and forth.
“Mucheng, are you looking for me?”
“Hmm.” Seeing Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng nodded, “This is the cosmetics my friend brought from abroad. It is highly moisturizing, high-nutrient, and anti-aging. It is very suitable for people of your mother’s age to use, and also take it with you. Right.”
Even though Qiu Mucheng’s tone was cold, Ye Fan was inexplicably moved.
Although this woman looks a little cold, her heart is still very hot.
However, not waiting for Ye Fan to say thanks, the beautiful woman beside Qiu Mucheng was suddenly surprised: “Mucheng, isn’t he just the son-in-law who “married” you?”
“Damn, you brought him the things I gave your mother?”
“He’s an incompetent son-in-law!”
“What do you think of you, are you crazy?”
“That’s high-end cosmetics.”
“I remember his home at 0a6aea74 is in the country. A countryman, can he use these high-end cosmetics? Isn’t it a waste?”
Susie was shocked.
She didn’t expect that her best friend Qiu Mucheng had been waiting here for a long time, just to wait for Ye Fan to be a waste of money and to let him take these precious cosmetics.
In recent years, although Susie has been abroad, she and Qiu Mucheng have been in contact from time to time. Of course Susie knew about her marriage to a door-to-door son-in-law.
Although Susie saw Ye Fan for the first time today, it did not prevent her from being disgusted with Ye Fan.
After all, her talented and good girlfriend ended up marrying a poor dick who had no money, power, or ability, and Su Qian was also fighting for Qiu Mucheng.
“Cici, don’t say a few words, Ye Fan is not as unbearable as you think.”
“Damn, you still speak for him? Orange, what’s wrong with you, didn’t you tell me that you hate him to death? Could it be that now you have been conquered by him?”
“Oh my God~” Susie screamed unbelievably.
“What nonsense are you talking about?” Qiu Mucheng glared at her, motioning her not to talk nonsense, and then asked Ye Fan to leave quickly, and don’t miss the car home.

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