A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 218

In the end Susie couldn’t help but sighed and went home first.
“I rented a house in the Eastern Suburb Villa, and remember to come to me tonight. You damn chick, did you hear me?” Susie and Qiu Mucheng played together since they were little girls. It’s because of their girlfriends that they are naturally very emotional it is good. So even if she called Qiu Mucheng chick, Qiu Mucheng was not angry, but smiled helplessly.
“This woman has stayed abroad for so many years, but her temperament has not changed at all.”
After the laugh, Qiu Mucheng didn’t think about it anymore, and continued to work.
Last night, she had just signed a contract with Hongqi Group, and funds have been coming in one after another, and many projects must be prepared.
However, in the afternoon.
Qiu Mucheng’s mobile phone rang suddenly, a series of WeChat notifications.
“Mucheng, come on, there is a big show to watch!”
“Go to Weibo!”
“Quickly go to Weibo~”
“Look at the hot search on Weibo!” The first URL m.
“Our Qiu family is famous?”
The WeChat was sent by her mother Han Li, and Susie also sent some, and she asked Qiu Mucheng to check it out online.
In doubt, Qiu Mucheng opened Weibo.
On the hot search list, a striking headline came into view.
“Amazing anecdote!!!”
“3.68 million! A strange family in Yunzhou City ate a sky-high dinner, and finally ate into the police station!”
After Qiu Mucheng clicked in, it was filled with discussions and mockery from netizens, and even videos and photos.
“Isn’t this Yunjing Hotel?”
“Uncle? Second aunt?”
Qiu Mucheng’s eyes widened at the time, and her heart trembled.
At the end, Qiu Mucheng finally understood.
This is so special, aren’t these people all from their Yunzhou Qiu family?
Dare to love that they were sent to the police station after eating at the Yunjing Hotel last night and had no money to check out?
No wonder!
On that day, I didn’t see Qiu’s alone in the company. It turned out that the police had picked it up.
It was an extremely embarrassing thing, but Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help it, and laughed out loud.
After all, these people originally wanted to celebrate her promotion, but in the end Jiang Hong and the others looked at others halfway to please Qiu Muying’s family.
It’s all right now, the big meal is eaten, and the good wine is also drunk. But he was sent to the police station all at once.
Qiu Mucheng suddenly wanted to see the expressions of the second aunt and theirs at the moment. It is estimated that their expressions turned blue into pig livers.
While Qiu Mucheng was laughing slightly, Han Li turned on the phone and told Qiu Mucheng to go to the old house of the Qiu Family as soon as possible, saying that the old man was having a family meeting.
The old house of the autumn family.
Qiu Guang and Wang Qiaoyu had been released at this time, each with their heads drooping, their faces were so ugly and ugly, as if they had been stunned by the sun.
Sitting high, Mr. Qiu’s old face was stern, and his entire popularity trembled as he looked at these bastard descendants in the audience.
“Trash, a bunch of trash!”
“You still have the face to come back?”
“Because of you, now my Qiu family is famous. Not only Yunzhou, the whole Jiangdong, and even the whole country are famous.”
“On this afternoon, dozens of friends called me to ask me what’s going on. The reporters of Jiangdong TV station will interview us. Ask how we eat.”
“Now that the country is famous, are you satisfied? Happy?”
“Satisfied vanity?”
“Does it all save face?”
“After eating more than three million, why don’t your special mothers go to heaven!”
Old man Qiu was almost mad.
He never dreamed that his dignified Qiu family would be famous in this way.
“Because of you beasts, my Qiuzhenglun evening festival is not guaranteed!”

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