A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 221

Soon after Ye Fan ended the call with Old Han, Lao Li’s call came in again.
“Mr. Chu, there are only seven days left before the Taishan Martial Arts Association. Look, do you have anything you need to prepare, such as any energy-replenishing medicine, or a handy weapon, or how many helpers you need?”
“After all, this Taishan Martial Arts Association is related to the life and death of the entire Jiangdong, so I hope Mr. Chu…”
At this time, nearly three days have passed since returning from Jianghai. Li’s second call was to remind Ye Fan not to forget the Taishan Wushu seven days later, and the second was to see if Ye Fan was prepared.
It’s a matter of life and death, Li Lao Er naturally cared very much.
However, Ye Fan said indifferently: “No need. There is only Wu Herong who defeats him. I can do it all by myself.”
Ye Fan’s tone was very plain, but that arrogance and domineering, even through the phone, still hit his face.
“Then… that’s good.” Older Li smiled bitterly. Perhaps Horton’s pretense had taught them too deeply. Therefore, Ye Fan’s confident words did not dispel Li’s heart. Worries.
But he didn’t dare to ask anything more. He just told Ye Fan that he would host a banquet for Mr. Chu at home on the night he left, so that Ye Fan must come.
“Yeah.” Ye Fan nodded, “When the time comes, I will contact you again.”
Ye Fan immediately hung up the phone. First URL m.
In the Cloud View Villa, Li Erye’s worry is still strong. Long after Ye Fan hung up the phone, Li Lao Er still looked preoccupied.
“Second Lord, Mr. Chu is so full of words, he must be confident, what else are you worried about?” The two brothers Jinbao Yinbao were comforted.
Li’s second shook his head and sighed: “The Thai boxing champion last time was so full of words. But now, the grass in front of his grave is three feet tall.”
“The arrogant soldier will be defeated. If Mr. Chu can deal with it cautiously, I won’t be so panicked. But Mr. Chu’s attitude is arrogant if it sounds better than self-confidence.”
Thinking of Ye Fan’s indifferent attitude just now, Li Lao Er sighed again.
Worried more and more, is it really appropriate to hand Jiang Dong’s life and death to Ye Fan alone?
“It seems that we still have to discuss with Chen Ao and the others, and we have to keep a little behind.”
However, Lao Er Li thought about it in his heart and said worriedly.
Jiangdong tonight is by no means peaceful.
The big guys from all over the world held a video conference, and they all looked solemnly, discussing the Taishan Wuhui after seven days.
Ye Fan naturally didn’t know the actions of Li Lao Er and others.
After putting down his phone, he just checked the calendar. Today is August 8th in the Gregorian calendar.
If that’s the case, the Taishan Martial Arts Association will be August 15th in seven days.
Ye Fan smiled lightly, without any worry, picked up the harmonica, leaned against the window, and continued to blow gently.
This harmonica was given to him by his mother when he came to Yunzhou.
Ye Fan grew up listening to his mother’s harmonica.
In Ye Fan’s memory, the sound of his mother’s piano contained a lot of things.
I miss the person I love, I miss the years, and I hope to be born into a dragon, but more is the heartbreaking sadness under the sound of the piano.
Ye Fan’s mother suffered a lot in her life, but Ye Fan never remembered what her mother complained about. Perhaps, she just expressed all her emotions through that beautiful melody.
“Mom, it won’t take long. One day, the child will lead you into the door of the Chu Family. Let those who humiliated us and despised us all kneel and forgive you!” Ye Fan eyebrows firmly. .

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