A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 240

If you dare to say this to Mr. Chu, I’m afraid it is the eldest lady of the Li family, the proud sister of Li’s second child.
“Mr. Chu came to my Li Family Manor for the first time. It is really an honor for my Li Family.”
“Come on, Xueqi, come and meet Mr. Chu soon.” At this time, the second Li Xueqi smiled and greeted Li Xueqi to come over to see Ye Fan, but when he looked back, he saw that his sister was already gone.
“Huh? Where’s Xueqi?” Li Er frowned suddenly.
“Second Lord, the eldest lady has already gone home just now.” Jin Bao replied in panic.
“I don’t know anything about etiquette for this dead girl.” Li’s face turned black at the time, and he was shaking with anger.
“Mr. Chu, you forgive me, Xueqi is young and ignorant, and she is the only daughter of our Li family, and she has been spoiled.” Li Lao Er quickly explained to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan naturally didn’t care. He didn’t know Li Xueqi and Li Yuqi anyway. Ye Fan didn’t care about such insignificant characters.
Later, Li Lao Er led the way and led Ye Fan towards the villa.
This Cloud View Villa is not so much a villa as it is a manor.
It occupies a huge area, almost comparable to the entire Liuyuan community where Ye Fan lives. Pavilions, towers and pavilions, rare and exotic plants, scattered in the middle, very luxurious. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
To be able to have such a large manor in the city center with an inch of land and gold is enough to see the status of the Li family in Yunzhou.
If someone else arrives at this Li Family Manor, they will tremble the luxury of this manor.
But to Ye Fan, who was born in the Chu family, the manor in front of him was nothing unusual.
“Mr. Chu, please here.”
After a while, Lao Er Li took a request, and immediately led Ye Fan to a long pavilion.
There, the banquet has been set.
There are several young and beautiful waiters wearing cheongsam, waiting respectfully. Seeing Ye Fan and Li Er’s arrival, all these maids bowed slightly and greeted respectfully.
“You are Mr. Chu?”
“You’re not too old, but you’re not a young man.”
“Also let Second Master pick it up in person?”
“This face, you can bear it?”
At the banquet, two people had already been seated.
At this time, it was an old man in Tang costume with a little gray hair, but he was very energetic and had a long and powerful breath. If he was an eye-conscious person, he would definitely look at him.
Seeing Ye Fan, the old man said in a deep voice, a bit of arrogance in his words.
And sitting beside the old man was Li Xueqi, who was beautiful and beautiful.
At this time, Li Xueqi also glanced at Ye Fan, who was surrounded by others, her eyes full of displeasure and contempt.
This kind of person, eating at the same table with his teacher, is simply an insult to her teacher.
“you are?”
Ye Fan stepped forward, looked up, was slightly startled, and then lost his voice.
Seeing that the young man recognized himself, the old man in Tang costume was undoubtedly more proud of his expression. He raised his head, with a very high posture, and in a contemptuous tone, he said arrogantly: “You junior, but you have some knowledge, and you have recognized the old man.”
“Yes, the old man is Megatron Yunzhou Wu…”
This Tang costume old man pretended to be arrogant, but before he finished speaking, Ye Fan had already walked up and smiled at the old man… Yinbao beside him smiled and said: “You were driving last One of those two brothers who hit me?”
“I…I…” Yin Bao was so touched that she cried.
He didn’t expect that Mr. Chu, such a big person, would still remember him as a small person.
At that moment, Yinbao was flattered, as if he had received a great gift from heaven, his eyes were red, and his body was shaking with excitement: “Yes…yes, Mr. Chu, it is me. I am Yinbao, you last time Both of our brothers remembered the indoctrination to us, to be a calm person and a kind person…”
Yinbao was very excited.
And the old man in Tang suit on the side turned green immediately, and the whole figure was as uncomfortable as if he had eaten a fly. If he even swallowed it in his stomach, his popularity was dying.

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