A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 241

Being so ignored by Ye Fan, this Tang suit old man was of course angry, and he gave a cold snort, naturally even more unhappy with Ye Fan in his heart.
Li Xueqi also frowned, and immediately stared at Ye Fan, who was unhappy, and said coldly: “My teacher is talking to you, didn’t you hear it?”
“Xueqi, how do you speak to Mr. Chu? Why don’t you apologize to Mr. Chu?”
Hearing that his sister was so disrespectful to Ye Fan, Lao Er immediately rebuked and asked Li Xueqi to apologize to Ye Fan quickly.
Li Xueqi was full of dissatisfaction, and said angrily at Li Er: “Second brother, why did you let me apologize to him? Am I wrong?”
“You didn’t see it just now. My teacher said that it was his honour to talk to him. But he, as a junior, ignored my teacher’s words. He should also apologize.”
Listening to Li Xueqi’s unceremonious words, Li Er’s heart became even more panicked, and he suddenly stopped furious: “Xueqi, shut up!”
“Mr. Chu is a guest, how can you offend?”
“He is a guest, isn’t my teacher a guest anymore? Brother, if you are so generous, don’t you make my teacher chill?”
Li Xueqi still argued, speaking for her teacher.
“You~~” Lao Er Li was also at a loss for a while, and was so angry that he didn’t know how to answer. Remember to read in one second
After all, neither Ye Fan nor the old man can offend him.
Jiangdong’s life and death, still have to count on both of them?
“Xueqi, don’t blame your second brother. You can’t blame your second master for this. Second master has always been benevolent and kind to others. To blame, you can only blame some people for being arrogant and unknowing, and not knowing the duty of life.”
Although the old man in the Tang suit didn’t name these words, but fools could hear it. The person he was referring to was Ye Fan.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, and after talking with Jin Bao Yin Bao, he took his seat, bowed his head and sipped tea, ignoring Li Xueqi and the old man and apprentice in Tang suit.
For a while, the atmosphere here was a bit embarrassing.
Seeing this, Lao Er quickly smiled and enlivened the atmosphere: “Well, everyone doesn’t know it yet, let me introduce it to you.”
“The master of the criminal hall, this is what I mentioned to you before. In the land of the rivers and seas, Mr. Chu defeated Junior Brother Wu Herong with one punch.”
Li Lao Er pointed at Ye Fan and said to the Tang suit Lao named Xinghe.
“Lost in a punch? I think he was lucky. A young junior, not even a few years older than me, how powerful can he be?”
Xing He hadn’t spoken yet, but Li Xueqi snorted disdainfully and whispered.
Li Xueqi glared at her, and Li Xueqi no longer said anything, but his disdain for Ye Fan was still very clear.
Then Li Lao Er introduced the old man next to Ye Fan: “Mr. Chu, this is the senior Xinghe, the master of our Yunzhou Taiji Martial Arts Center. I don’t know if Mr. Chu knows about Chinese martial arts, the master of Xinghe Pavilion is in Yunzhou. The martial arts circles are highly respected seniors, and they are superb in Tai Chi.”
“Last month on behalf of my Huaxia Guoshu, I went abroad to participate in an international martial arts exchange conference. I just came back a few days ago.”
“Moreover, the master of Xingheguan is still my sister Xueqi’s teacher. Although my sister gave birth to a daughter, she is very enthusiastic about these martial arts. She has followed Xingheguan’s master to learn Tai Chi since childhood.”
When Li Lao Er said these words, the Tang suit old man was full of arrogance, his waist straightened a bit, and the majesty and arrogance in his eyebrows became more intense.

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