A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 25

“how about it?”
“real or fake?”
After the sharp buzzing sound, Wang Yu, Wang Kaiwen and others asked the staff anxiously.
The little clerk frowned: “Sister Wen, this card seems to be real.”
Wang Kaiwen was shocked immediately and didn’t believe it at all.
“Sister Wen, don’t worry, you wait for me to finish. This card should really be our bank card, but it should not be a black card. Because I swiped it up just now, the machine warned that the balance was insufficient.”
The air was quiet for about 0.1 second, and then there was a roar of laughter. Remember to read in one second
“How awesome am I?”
“If the balance is insufficient, dare to come out and pretend to be forced!”
“so funny.”
“I think this guy not only has insufficient balance, but also has insufficient IQ, right? He wants to withdraw all his money?”
“I’ll go to Nima!”
In the hall, many people had already laughed, and Ye Fan in front of him seemed to be a laughingstock for everyone.
“Impossible, I haven’t used this card before, how could the balance be insufficient?” Ye Fan’s expression turned dark.
He never doubted the authenticity of the black card. After all, with the power of the Chu family, possessing a black card was more than enough.
Back then, this black card was the gift money that his poor father gave to his mother. Later, Ye Fan gave a considerable part of it to Mr. Han and asked him to invest.
Now ten years have passed. According to Mr. Han, his total return on investment in the past ten years has been close to 1,000%, and a large amount of money will be put into this card every year.
So, how can the balance be insufficient?
What a lie!
“You do it again!”
Ye Fan said with a black face, and then he swiped it again.
But the result is still the same, the computer balance part shows a series of asterisks.
“Sorry, the balance is still insufficient.” The staff member said with a smile.
There was another burst of laughter.
“It’s an idiot, before clamoring for 20 million?”
“It’s ridiculous.”
“Xiaowen, you can call the police.” Wang Yu didn’t want to look anymore, said something contemptuously, and then left with his female companion.
After Wang Kaiwen sent away the two of Wang Yu, he immediately asked the security to drive Ye Fan away.
“This idiot, kick me out!”
“Still still?”
Wang Kaiwen shouted in disgust.
At this time, a cold and majestic female voice came from behind.
Xu Lei already felt the bank hall, and almost instantly, Xu Lei saw the black gold card in Ye Fan’s hand.
After all, this black gold card is too eye-catching, it’s hard not to pay attention.
“It’s the manager, the manager is here, and it’s going to be bad luck.”
Many people laughed in low voices, Li Xiaohong, Wang Kaiwen and others hurried forward to say hello.
“Just now, but this gentleman took out the black card?” Xu Lei asked immediately.
Wang Kaiwen quickly replied: “Manager Xu, am I about to report to you?”
“Just now an idiot broke into our bank and disturbed our normal business. He also took out a broken card and pretended to be our bank’s black gold card, and threatened to take all the money from our bank.”
“But don’t worry, manager, I have settled this matter. I have let the security guard control that idiot.”
When Xu Lei heard this, her heart almost jumped out.
“You asked the security to catch that gentleman?”
Xu Lei was going crazy at the time, and the whole person was in a state of dysfunction.
For ten years, she waited for this person for ten years.
In the past ten years, Xu Lei has always wanted to meet the holder of this supreme black gold card.
Others don’t know, but when you are the person in charge of the Yunzhou branch of Red Flag Bank, you know that the purpose of their branch is for this person.
In other words, the reason why their Hongqi Bank opened a branch in Yunzhou was to serve him alone. As you can imagine, this code-named black card number 001…

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