A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 26

One can imagine what kind of power and wealth this black card holder codenamed No. 001 has.
Xu Lei wanted to get acquainted with this kind of people in her dreams, but now, the first time this kind of big figure appeared, she was arrested by her staff as idiots.
“Manager, what’s wrong with you?”
“It’s okay, don’t worry, I have settled, 110 I hit, and I will wait for the police to come and put him in jail.” Seeing Xu Lei’s appearance, Wang Kaiwen thought she was worried about the bank’s reputation. She smiled again, and she was waiting for Xu Lei to praise her publicly.
“Why did you call the police?”
I can go to Nima!
Xu Lei was completely stunned at the time, almost lost in fright, and slapped Wang Kaiwen’s face with a slap in furious anger.
“Asshole thing, you dare to mess with anyone?”
“Don’t hurt us if you want to die!”
Xu Lei was almost silly. First URL m.
The person in front of me is the black card holder.
Since the establishment of Hongqi Bank for nearly three hundred years, the black cards issued are only three digits. Now in Huaxia, there are only three people holding black cards. Which one is not one of the rich and powerful.
Of course, this is not important, and more importantly, the code name of the black card is 001.
What does this number represent? Is the card issuing order?
of course not!
This represents status.
In other words, the black card in front of him is also the one with the highest authority among the many black cards.
There is no one on it, but a thousand on it!
Otherwise, why would Citibank set up a branch here for him alone?
But now, he is such an awesome character. Not only did his subordinates offend, but they also called the police to arrest him. How could Xu Lei not be surprised, how could he not be afraid?
She is really afraid that if such a big man angers herself when he is angry, won’t her life be over?
In panic, Xu Lei hurried forward and apologized to Ye Fan in a very respectful tone: “Dear black card holder, the previous matter was that I did not manage subordinates strictly. On behalf of Hongqi Bank, I would like to express the most Sincere apologies.”
“If you have any request, please mention it, I will do my best to satisfy Mr.”
Xu Lei’s respectful voice echoed in the hall.
Everyone was stunned, and all the ridicule and ridicule of Ye Fan before stopped abruptly.
As for Wang Kaiwen, she was even more on the ground at this time, her brain pale, looking stupidly at everything in front of her, and at Xu Lei who was chilling in front of Ye Fan.
Until this moment, Wang Kaiwen finally understood.
The poor man in front of him, whom he looked down upon, turned out to be an unimaginable giant.
Wang Kaiwen watched Ye Fan enter the VIP reception room of the bank under the leadership of Xu Lei. All the previous disdain and ridicule towards Ye Fan disappeared, and only the wailing was left in her heart.
God, who did she provoke?
“Mr. Ye, I’m really sorry today. To apologize, all future loans under Mr.’s name will be interest-free for three years within 100 million.”
Ye Fan has finished his business and is walking out of the VIP reception room. Although Ye Fan did not show anger, Xu Lei was still worried and apologized again and again.
Ye Fan stopped suddenly, looking at the mature and intellectual woman in front of him, and said lightly: “Manager Xu, do you think I am a poor person who needs a loan?”
The corners of Xu Lei’s mouth twitched. What a special thing, Ye Fan’s words made him speechless.

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