A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 256

As the wheels galloped, the two young and beautiful girls drove their cars towards Anning County at the foot of Mount Tai.
Anning County was originally a poor small town at the foot of Mount Tai.
However, due to its close proximity to Mount Tai, the tourism industry is particularly developed, attracting countless tourists who come to climb Mount Tai every year. It is the arrival of these tourists that naturally promoted the local economic development.
Therefore, Anning was also classified as a county.
In recent days, Anning County has undoubtedly been very lively.
Countless luxury cars have gathered, and it is as if the leaders of all parties in Jiangdong have discussed it, and they have gathered from all directions.
Today’s Anning County has become the center of the entire Jiangdong.
The big people who are rarely seen on weekdays can be seen almost everywhere.
Almost all major hotels and guesthouses are full, even in places like homestays and inns, there are almost no rooms if they are late.
“Mr. Chu, Mr. Chen and the others have already prepared a luncheon at Taishan Restaurant, thinking that Mr. Chu will take the dust away.”
“Furthermore, the rooms where Mr. Chu rests are all ready, just wait for Mr. Chu to enter the bed.” Remember to read a second
When Ye Fan and the others arrived in Anning County, it was already noon.
According to the previous plan, Li Er directly dragged Ye Fan to the Taishan Restaurant and joined Chen Ao and others.
“Mr. Chu, it’s been a long time. How have you been?”
As soon as Ye Fan got out of the car, Chen Ao, Lei Laosan and others greeted them enthusiastically, reaching out to shake hands with Ye Fan.
“A few of you are polite.” Ye Fan nodded, exchanged greetings with them, and then entered the restaurant.
“I go!”
“Who is that young man?”
“Jiang Hai and Chen Ao are respectful?”
“Jingzhou Lei Sanye came to welcome him personally!”
“This is so awesome!”
“How much background is this?”
The people around looked at Ye Fan, who was respected by Jiangdong’s bigwigs, and sighed.
But Ye Fan and others had already entered the restaurant.
“Nan Nan, go sit next to Mr. Chu, remember to pour some water for Mr. Chu.” Chen Ao smiled and greeted him, and let his daughter sit next to Ye Fan.
Lei San, who had just squeezed next to Ye Fan and was about to sit down, had his old face black at the time.
I thought that Chen Aoxin was really dirty, and it was obviously ulterior motive to let his daughter be next to Ye Fan.
I’m afraid this is not to recruit Ye Fan as his son-in-law!
However, Lei San was still grinning in his heart, and he consciously moved a position to the side to let Chen Nan sit over. After all, he is an elder, so he can’t pull his face down to grab a seat with the junior.
“Brother Xiaofan, we meet again.”
After seeing Ye Fan Nengwei that time, this Chen Nan obviously became a little fan of Ye Fan.
Perhaps it is because of Chen Ao’s eyes that Chen Nan has been particularly fond of martial arts since he was a child, and is keen on those fighting games.
Nowadays, Taishan Wuhui, such a rare event, Chen Nan will naturally not miss it, clamoring to come.
“I didn’t let her come.”
“But Nizi, I have to come over and cheer for Mr. Chu, I can’t stop it~”
Chen Ao laughed.
Chen Nan also giggled: “My brother Xiao Fan is so powerful, he can definitely defeat Wu Herong. Of course I can’t miss the glorious moment of Brother Xiao Fan.”
“A glorious moment?”
“I think it’s a shameful moment.”
However, just as everyone was talking and laughing, outside the room, only a man in a suit led a group of people in.
This leader, with a sneer at the corners of his mouth, his face full of unkindness, he unceremoniously belittle Ye Fan as soon as he appears.
Seeing this person, many people present were suddenly surprised.
This…this is, Jiangdong’s current richest man, the head of the Zhao family, Zao Wou-ki!
Exist as famous as Jiangdong King.
How did he get here?

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