A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 257

As the saying goes, there is no room for two tigers.
In the Jiangdong land, Chen Ao and Zao Wou-ki naturally did not deal with each other. For ten years, the two have been in a competitive relationship.
Now, if it weren’t for Wu Herong’s appearance, the two of them would never have gathered here at the same time.
“Mr. Zhao came to visit suddenly, not knowing what happened?”
With the arrival of Zao Wuji and others, the atmosphere in the room undoubtedly became serious. Everyone’s smiles disappeared immediately, and Chen Ao’s old face was even more solemn at this time. He looked at the man in suit in front of him and said coldly.
Zao Wou-ki shook his head and smiled: “Mr. Chen doesn’t need to be nervous. I’m just here to greet him. By the way, let’s see what kind of master Chen has found to help us Jiangdong against Wu Herong.
“It looks like it’s just a nasty hairy boy.”
“Look at him, I’m afraid it’s just in his early twenties.”
“How good can you be at this age?”
“I really don’t know if Chen is always big-hearted, or is ready to break the jar. He actually handed Jiang Dong’s life and death to a hairy boy?”
“If you Jiang Hai is really unavailable, tell me. I brought the guard at our door to Mr. Chen, it would be more reliable than just finding a bastard.” First URL m.
“Su Dong, don’t you think?”
Zao Wou-ki laughed sarcastically, and the people behind him also laughed and echoed.
“Yes, President Chen, I really don’t know what you think?”
“Even if you find a 9ccd74bf to make up the number, you have to find a stronger one.”
“Look at him like a skinny monkey. You can’t be slapped and fall apart with a slap?”
Zhao Wuji and others looked at Ye Fan, but they shook their heads, with eyes full of disdain.
“Zao Wou-ki, pay attention to your words.”
“Mr. Chu, you are definitely not insulting!” Chen Ao said sharply and looked at Zao Wou-ki coldly.
Zao Wou-ki ignored him, just sneered and laughed.
Then he waved his hand, greeted everyone and prepared to leave.
Before leaving, Zao Wou-ki turned his back to Chen Ao and the others, but said in a deep voice: “Mr. Chen, this Taishan martial arts meeting is not only a “fight” between Jiangdong and Wu Herong, but also a “fight” between you and me. war”.”
“Ten years of grievances, let us settle at the foot of Mount Tai.”
“If you lose, then leave Jianghai and leave Jiangdong.”
“After fighting for so many years, I, Zao Wou-ki, still don’t want to be cruel to your old friend.”
Zao Wou-ki’s icy voice, like a cold wind blowing across the world, the complexions of Lei Lao San and others immediately changed.
At this moment, there was a sudden thunder in the doorway.
Beside Zao Wou-ki, there was an old man in black, facing the wall in front of him, punching out.
Between the scattered stones, the entire cement wall was punched through by the old man. The steel skeleton inside was also immediately revealed, full of vigor.
“This this…”
The audience was shocked, Lei Lao San’s eyes widened in fright, and Li Er sat up in shock, Chen Nan’s pretty face turned pale.
This is naked contempt!
Zao Wou-ki obviously wanted to use this behavior to tell Chen Ao that the people he relied on were so unbearable compared to the people he had found.
Moreover, what made Chen Ao and the others extremely angry was that not long after Zao Wou-ki and the others left, they even sent people a coffin to Ye Fan.
“Mr. Chen, this was prepared by my Patriarch for Mr. Chu.”
“On the night of the province, after Mr. Chu died in the Wuhui, Mr. Chen specially laid a coffin for Mr. Chu.”
“Hahaha, President Chen doesn’t have to thank you~”
After speaking, Zao Wou-ki’s people immediately left.

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