A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 259

At this time, the girl on the side of the road who was looking at the trinkets was not Li Xiaohong who had a relationship with Ye Fan a few times?
Ye Fan didn’t expect to meet her here.
Seeing an acquaintance, Ye Fan naturally walked up and greeted the girl.
“Xiaohong, why did you come here? Didn’t you go to work today?”
Today’s Li Xiaohong wears a chiffon floral dress, with slender and white calves, and light makeup on her pretty face. She is very sweet and pleasant.
“Ah, Mr. Chu, why are you here?” Seeing Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong was obviously surprised and happy.
It is not the first time that she and Ye Fan have met. What’s more, Ye Fan has helped her almost every time. Now that they meet again, I am naturally grateful and delighted.
“You don’t have to call me Mr. Chu, just call me Ye Fan.” Ye Fan smiled softly.
After a brief conversation, Ye Fan also knew the purpose of Li Xiaohong’s coming here.
It turned out that this girl came here for a blind date.
“My uncle found a partner for me and made an appointment to meet today.” Remember to read a book for one second
“So I asked for leave.”
Li Xiaohong said softly, but her pretty face was a little blush when she said this. Obviously a little embarrassed.
“Mr. Chu, is this your girlfriend? It’s really beautiful, like a fairy.” Li Xiaohong noticed the beautiful woman next to Ye Fan and asked immediately.
However, no one saw the loss of Li Xiaohong’s eyebrows.
Mr. Chu really already has a girlfriend.
Chen Nan’s pretty face turned red when he heard this. I have to explain that I am not a boyfriend or girlfriend with Ye Fan.
However, at this time, two men came from far away.
The two of them, a relatively young, twenty-five or sixteen-year-old, dressed in bright clothes, and brand-named, looked like a wealthy man of good origin.
The other person was a middle-aged man with a low eyebrow and a face of flattery.
“Wang Yu, you better don’t lie to me. If your niece looks ugly, you know the consequences.” Liu Jiawei warned coldly at the middle-aged man beside him.
“Liu Shao, please rest assured. My niece’s appearance is famous in our ten miles and eight villages. If it is not good-looking, I would not introduce it to Liu Shao. I just hope that after Liu Shao succeeds, don’t forget that I am this month old. Just fine.” Wang Yu smiled.
Liu Jiawei replied: “You don’t have to worry about this, as long as you help Ben Shao successfully hunt for Yan. The position of sales director must be yours. Although the company is still my dad headed by now, I can still decide on a small transfer of personnel. of.”
When the two talked, they had already arrived at the place they had agreed before.
Wang Yu soon saw his niece Li Xiaohong and hurriedly shouted: “Xiaohong, what are you doing while standing? Come over and say hello to Master Liu.”
Li Xiaohong obediently walked over, and said hello to Liu Jiawei with a pretty face.
“Shao Liu, how about it? My niece looks pretty good, right?” Wang Yu lowered his voice and whispered to Liu Jiawei.
That smile, no matter how you look at it, is a bit malicious.
Liu Jiawei nodded: “It’s really good, but a sweet-looking girl.”
Looking at Li Xiaohong who was a little shy in front of him, Liu Jiawei laughed in a low voice, but licked his lips.
It seems that I am busy tonight.
When the three were talking, Ye Fan and Chu Nan came over and said with a smile: “Xiaohong, are they your uncle?”

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