A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 260

Wang Yu frowned: “You are?”
Li Xiaohong hurriedly explained that they were her own friends, who happened to meet him.
“Friends?” Wang Yu looked at the two Ye Fans, his eyes stopped a little longer, especially on Chen Nan.
I want to be able to get such a beautiful girlfriend, this person named Ye Fan must be rich or expensive!
So Wang Yu immediately filled his face with a smile, and asked politely: “This little gentleman, I don’t know where he is, and what kind of work does his parents do? To get such a beautiful girl in love, the little gentleman’s family background must be extraordinary.”
Ye Fan shook his head and chuckled softly, “I’m afraid I disappointed you. My family is in the town below. My mother is just an ordinary farmer, so there is no extraordinary family background.”
Hearing what Ye Fan said, Wang Yu’s smile disappeared in an instant, and a touch of contempt appeared at the corner of his mouth: “It turns out to be a countryman. Xiaohong has something to do today, I’m afraid I can’t accompany you.”
Wang Yu said coldly, Dang Even took Li Xiaohong to leave, and said in disgust as he walked: “Let’s avoid dealing with such poor dicks in the country in the future, have you heard?”
“Don’t, since you all know each other, let’s go shopping together. One more person, more fun.” At this moment, Liu Jiawei said suddenly.
“Liu Shao, let them follow, won’t it get in the way?” Wang Yu was puzzled and asked Liu Jiawei in a low voice. First URL m.
“It’s okay.” Liu Jiawei waved his hand, but his gaze never left Chen Nan from the beginning to the end.
From the time Chen Nan appeared, Liu Jiawei was amazed.
She has a slender body, a graceful figure, beautiful legs like jade under a black short skirt, and Chen Nan’s beautiful appearance. It is almost impossible for Liu Jiawei to imagine what kind of temptation would be for such a woman to undress and lie on the bed?
“Understood, haha, what Liu Shao said is right. Meeting is a destiny. You are also new to this county, so why don’t you all go shopping together?” This Wang Yu is obviously personal, and he quickly understood Liu Jiawei’s intentions. .
As soon as the front of the conversation turned around, they left with everyone.
Ye Fan didn’t refuse, anyway, the martial arts meeting only started at night, and he had nothing to do this afternoon, so he simply went with them.
“Chen Nan?”
“People are good-looking, and their names are so nice.”
“This is Liu Jiawei, Master Liu.”
“Let me tell you, Young Master Liu’s family has a company, especially rich. I don’t know how many young and beautiful girls want to marry Young Master Liu and become a wealthy wife?”
“If you can win Young Master Liu’s heart, you will really fly to the branches to become a phoenix in the future.”
Along the way, Wang Yu kept matching Chen Nan and ce6d80b9 Liu Jiawei to show off Liu Jiawei’s family.
And Liu Jiawei also reveals his extensive knowledge and profound experience to Chen Nan from time to time.
“Nan Nan, you shouldn’t drink Lafite Wine Bar?”
“The Lafite red wine produced in the British Rovechild Winery is simply the most beautiful red wine in the world.”
“Pure and rich, rich in layers, elegant and perfect, the unique mellow aroma in the wine is simply endless aftertaste.”
Liu Jiawei spoke slowly, with an elegant and profound look.
Wang Yu clapped and applauded again and again that Liu Shao was so knowledgeable. That woman can marry you is simply the blessing of her eight lifetime cultivation.
Ye Fan was drinking water when he heard Liu Jiawei’s words, but a mouthful of Nongfu Spring came out directly.
“Master Liu, are you afraid that you have memorized it wrong?”
“The origin of the Lafite wine is France. And it is not the Rothschild Chateau, but the Rothschild Chateau, also called Chateau Lafite.” Ye Fan said slowly.
Chen Nan on the side covered his mouth and chuckled.
And Liu Jiawei’s old face was green at that time.

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